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  Custom Lenco Turntable w / cocobolo plinth & mg-1 arm!
This is an archived listing originally posted on 9/26/2009.




  Description (Custom Lenco Turntable w)
I didn't think the day would come, but as I try to make room in my apartment to appease my wife, so now will I sell a most amazing turntable at a ridiculous price.

This is a fully custom and mechanically rebuilt Lenco turntable by three master craftsman and Audiogon contributors, Jean Nantais, Albert Porter, and 4yanx. Each of the three gentleman worked his magic on the mechanicals and 4yanx made the plinth. As you will see from the pictures, the plinth is absolutely beautiful(cocobolo with an ebony inlay). What you can't see, is the multiple layers of varying materials within the plinth to make it absolutely acoustically inert. If I recall correctly, the table weighs >70lbs. Table now includes an IEC inlet, as well, for power cord matching.

The tonearm is an air-bearing Airtech MG-1 and the cartridge is a Denon DL-103. The tonearm (with manual), cartridge, air pump (with manual), and air tubing are included in this sale.

The mechanics of the turntable were totally rebuilt and the top plate was painted to match the aesthetics of the rest of the table. There are 3 cone feet for level adjustment.

This is one amazing table, both visually as well as sonically (idler wheel's KILL belt drives!). I have no doubt I will regret this sale, but my wife has been bugging me for a while and since vinyl isn't a priority right now, I have relented.

Please shoot me a message with any questions. I usually ship on weekends (table is already packed up). Will split the PayPal fee if my asking price is met.

I need to move this before my wife kills me!!! Please shoot me an offer.

Thanks for looking,
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