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  JBL Everest DD55000 Very rare
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  Description (JBL Everest DD55000)
Very rare and much sought after, extremely hard to find, legendary JBL Everest speakers in their first version.

It is no compromise home loudspeakers system, one of the best ever made. The Everest enclosure is the most massively constructed in JBL's history. Fabricated from high density compressed wood, up to 4 cm thick in some sections, it is extensively braced so as to contribute no resonances of its own to the sound. In Japan's Stereo Sound magazine (1985) there was made a comparison between two flagship speakers: Tannoy Westminster and JBL Everest, where Tannoys was rated with 60 points and Everests with near 96...

Project Everest is a system one of its kind (different than present second version), designed in mirror imaged pairs with specific right and left channel enclosures. It is designed to project an accurate, centered stereo image over a much wider listening area than is possible with normal loudspeaker systems. The keys in achieving this are the midrange defined coverage horn and the precisely calculated angles of the low frequency and high frequency drivers. The coverage arc is shifted to one side of the axis. The pattern is assymetrical, so that the listener moving away from one speaker and towards the other remains within direct field of both. The sound pressure level the farther speaker increases, while that from nearer speaker decreases. Thus the balance of sound between the two speakers remains stable over a very wide listening area. Everest system is relatively free of strictures on its placement. Because the dispersion of the drivers is so precisely controlled, room boundaries have little effect on the sound. Also a "sweet spot" that can be fully enjoyed by only one person at a time is totally eliminated.

I own my Everests from 12 years and never encountered any problems with them, they never needed to be repaired. A number of compelling upgrades were done in these speakers a few years ago to free their potential in full.

Rewired with Auiod Note spz hook up wire
crossover are using cost-no-object selection. Copper foil air core inductors were used (Jensen), Audio Note paper in oil copper foil capacitors for highs No changes comparing original schematics except of that biwiring were done – thanks to advice of JBL’s engineers.

The result is ven more rock solid imaging, lifelike palpability, accurate and clean tonality, especially in midrange, full, tight and clear bass. These upgrades increased transparency, dynamics, resolution, frequency extremes and speed.
As you can see on attached pictures, they are great looking speakers in appearance. They makes a striking visual statement and look like stunning modern sculptures in which form follows function.

All drivers are in very good condition ..all are Professional Series units and will last for next decades. JBL 150-4 bass speakers don't need to be reconed ever as they have non-synthetic, textile suspension. Mid frequencies compresion driver 2425 uses a titanium diaphragm and is very realiable. Highs are handled by well known 2405H ring radiator which is considered by many as the best ultra high frequencies driver.

Cabinets and grills (dark gray) are in very good shape too. There are some cosmetic blemishes, but nothing serious and overall condition is really good. I have accumulated quite a lot of vintage equipment and I need to clear some spaces. Check my other option. I Have other Altec/ JBL and GOTO equipment for sale.

Prefer to pick up from my place (New York, NY) since they are too big and heavy or will ship by buyer's expense of freight and handling, if required.

System sensitivity: 100 dB
Impendance: 8 Ohm
Dimensions: 141 (H) x 92 (W) x 51 (D) cm
Weight 300 kg (total), 145 kg each speaker + external crossovers (ca. 10 kg)