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  Acoustat- X direct drive otl servo- tube amps
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acoustat x front

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acoustat x amps

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  Description (Acoustat- X direct drive)
Here is a great opportunity to acquire a pair of self powered vintage electrostatics for cheap.
The Acoustat-X are a true blue bonified Legend in the crazy world of high end audio.
The sound of these full range electrostatics employing the direct drive OTL servo tube amps are the Ultimate Acoustat!
Those privy to the sound of them will attest to the fact that there is no better sounding amplifier for powering the panels irregardless of cost.

Cosmetically speaking: the cabinets are finished in golden oak and in beautiful condition,no dents, gouges or scratches...obviously well looked after.Even come with the original perforated backing panels [removable] for the cabinets to hide the servo amps.The original [off white] grill cloth was looking a little shabby and has been removed. Easily replaceable with a more transparent Spandex type fabric in the colour of choice, especially if your "Better Half" objects to the look of the panels in the nude.
The amplifiers appear to be in very good condition but have no tubes in them.

They have "NOT" been tested for operation and are being sold as is,as found.

Each amplifier employs a quad of 6hb5 vacuum tubes for operation. The 6HB5 can be a little difficult to find these days, however they can be typically acquired for around $15-$20 per tube from various sources.

Once retubed,it would be in the buyers best interest to find a qualified tech to inpect the amplifiers as they output up to 5000 volts for the panels.

"Buyer beware"...... Due to the nature of these amplifiers and the high voltage present when in the operation. I will assume absolutely NO risk, or responsibilty with the sale of these amplifiers. The buyer will assume all liabilties. Sold as is as found.

NOTE: There are a number of reputable technicians in Canada & the USA that can service and update these amplifiers and can supply you with schematics and literature for those that are comfortable or compent to work on them themselves.

The amplifiers alone are worth the price of admission!

I would preferr a local buyer as these would be very difficult and expensive to ship. No not impossible, but the buyer must look after all the shipping arrangments and assume all the responsiblity and expense.
I would entertain delivery [within a 100 mile radius] for the price of gas and a nominal fee for my time.

Delivery to border towns [Buffalo, Detroit, Niagara Falls or Sarnia]available for US buyers.
Pick up with cash in hand.

Serious buyers please! Email if you have any questions. I will return your email with my phone numbers if you preferr to speak in person.

.My asking price is fair and firm! I won't respond to Low ballers and tirekickers so don't waste your time.

As usual, first come, first served.
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