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  Audio Research vt100mkll question
I wonder if someone has experince of this ??

Two questions really.

I've just bought a vt100 mkll and am running it with single ended input from the source , with-out the pins in the balanced input. It seems to work ok just wondered if there was any down side to this ?? Should it work at all ??

Also My amp has been re-valved with 6h30's instead of the original 6922s. Is this a good thing as the 6922's are a lot less current hungry than the 6h30's ?? Will it work properly ??

Over-all the amp is proving harsher than I expected on leading edge vocals and sounding a touch bright. (could the valve be causing this ??) I'm driving proac 3.8s . Bass is good and some things sound very, very good.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.
Borg7x9  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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05-22-05   I suspect the harshness you hear is from the 6h30's. call le ...   Newbee

05-22-05   Well, a popular line of thinking is that the mkii with 6922s ...   Hi_hifi

05-22-05   The vt100mkii is not designed to be used with the 6h30 tube. ...   9rw

05-23-05   You have a wonderful amp. i have owned everything and think ...   Evoneill

05-23-05   Thanks for your replies guys, i ...   Borg7x9

05-23-05   Just a word of wise. the vt100 mk 2 requires a 2 stage bias ...   Dbtrucks

05-23-05   Yes, be careful, the bias scheme for the 6922 is involved. ...   Rlips

05-23-05   Thanks again guys. i tried to talk to leornard this morning ...   Borg7x9

05-25-05   I am currently using an arc vt100 mkii in my system. the 6h3 ...   Gmorris

05-27-05   Myron: please tell us. what did leonard say?   9rw

06-06-05   Hi guys, i managed to talk to leonard who advised t ...   Borg7x9

06-06-05   I really like this amp and have heard it sound great in a we ...   Mikesinger

06-06-05   Borg i think it is important to note again that the vt100 m ...   Gmorris

06-07-05   Still, the previous owner may at some point have used the 6h ...   9rw

06-08-05   Thanks for all your advise guys. just to let you know that ...   Borg7x9

06-15-05: Borg7x9
Ok just in case anyone is still checking this..............


I warmed up the amp and tested across the resister on the Power valves (130Mv) and was only able to adjust to 98 Mv max on right channell and 122mv max on left channell. they'd both been adjusted to 98 mv.

Adjustment on the input output valves were shot too. I adjusted these to within the tollerances specified (60v on relevant testing points)without any drama's but this didn't influence the output of the power vlves at all.(expecetd)

So I guess the short story is that the guy who sold me the amp fibbed about the recent Valve replacement ( bad bad man ).

So my plan is to ship the amp to the local distributor who will revalve and service My amp. It will end up having cost me 4000 USD in the end. So while I'm a bit negative about the experience overall, if I end up with a smooth, lovely sounding amp I still think I will have done OK.

Thanks all for your time. Any encouraging comments would be appreciated :-).


Borg7x9  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

06-16-05   Borg: if the input tubes are not properly balanced and adj ...   Gmorris

06-16-05   Gmorris, thanks for the info. the guy who gave me th ...   Borg7x9

06-16-05   You should also check the 1 ohm resistors r37/r38 and r43/r4 ...   Gmorris

06-16-05   Borg,i have a pal with your amp,driving nola(alon)circe's.fa ...   sirspeedy70680@

06-19-05   Update.............. more help please. a technician friend ...   Borg7x9

07-20-05   Final update............................... every thing tur ...   Borg7x9

07-22-05   Borg: i am happy for you. as i had suggested the resistors ...   Gmorris

04-20-08   Hi! please help me how can adjustment the bias output tube a ...   Keithandy

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