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  Parasound HCA-1000A Modifications
I recently completed some modifications to my Parasound HCA-1000A a few weeks ago, and HOLY COW!!! Now my $300 amplifier sounds like I spent easily 10 times that amount. It's amazing what can be done with a stock amplifier--especially one as good as the HCA-1000A.

Anyway, my question is this: I am thinking about writing a manual about modifying the HCA-1000A and offering it for a small fee--maybe even putting together a "kit" containing the manual and all necessary parts. Would anybody out there be interested in such a manual or kit, or should I not waste my time?
Avilex  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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06-06-06   Can the same upgrades apply to my old hca 800ii?   Chadnliz

06-07-06   I think it would depend on your definition of "small fe ...   Rcziech

06-07-06   What did you change? how much were the cost of parts?   Myraj

06-07-06   To chadnliz: i haven't been inside an hca 800ii, but i'm su ...   Avilex

06-07-06   If that was your cost for parts and you assembled an easy to ...   Bignerd100

10-02-06: Johnss
I think there may be a limited market for this. I agree, I have modified a number of Parasound amps including the 1000a.
Very nice sounding amp modified. I replaced over 30 parts on the main board, added new soft recovery bridges, etc.

One gets similar results on the 2200II and 3500 amps; have not tried the new JC1s or other series.


Johnss  (Answers | This Thread)

04-05-09   Still have that kit around, avilex?   Jaguarsg

10-27-10   This reply is for avilex or johnss. though this thread is ol ...   South43

05-16-12   I am in need of a faceplate for a parasound hca-500 amp. do ...   Infinitary

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