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  McIntosh MC 275 Mk IV or V with Harbeth M-40.1?
I've had my Plinius SA-102 for longer than any previous amp (almost 3 years) and have been very satisfied with it's reliability, musicality and build quality, but I'm very intrigued with finally trying a classic tube amp.

I listen to classical, jazz, vocals & acoustic rock at moderate volume levels, so I'm thinking the 75 WPC of the McIntosh MC 275 (mk IV or V) would work fine in my 15' x 21' x 7' basement set up. The Harbeth M-40.1's sensitivity is 85dB/W/m, 6 ohm nominal. Suggested amplification: >50W (Stereophile's review of the M-40.1's noted excellent success when driven by a 35wpc Shindo push-pull amp)

I've researched other tube amps from Rogue (M120's & 150's), VTL (ST-150), Manley (Snappers), Cary (120S), Audio Research (VT-100 MK III) and Quicksilver (V-4's). Ultimately I'm leaning heavily towards the Mac MC 275 (Mk IV or V) due to its not being a monoblock, it's a classic unit with excellent build quality and good resale value, and it's known to be reliable and is easy to bias.

Preamp is an Aesthetix Calypso with NOS tubes and my sources are digital and FM.

Comments from those experienced with later model McIntosh MC 275 and/or Harbeth M-40.1's would be appreciated.

Thanks - Paul

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01-21-10   I have a (2) mkv (mac 275) along with the aesthetix calypso. ...   Rwd

01-22-10   Rick - are you using stock tubes in the mac 275... and if no ...   Pdreher

01-22-10   The mcintosh has the highest resale of any electronics.   Vernneal

01-23-10   I am using telefunkens in the 12ax7's and 12at7's bought her ...   Rwd

01-23-10   I believe rwd is referring to nsgarch when he says neil. he ...   Lewinskih01

01-23-10   Lewinskih - yes i will be using rca cables, so you advise is ...   Pdreher

01-29-10   Stuck a deal for a mc275 mk v. really looking forward to ro ...   Pdreher

01-30-10   Good luck with your purchase! hope it works out for you, i'm ...   Tom_hankins

01-30-10   Pdreher - v1 is the first small signal tube(marked on the ch ...   Rgurney

02-12-10   Paul, please let us (me) know the results of the gl kt-88 po ...   Rwd

02-12-10   Rick - on neil's (nsgarch's) advice, i plan on sticking with ...   Pdreher

02-13-10   So hows the amp working out so far?   Tom_hankins

02-13-10   Tom - so far, so good. i'm currently listening with all of ...   Pdreher

02-14-10   Hope it gets even better for you. does the drop off in power ...   Tom_hankins

02-14-10   The drop in power suits the m-40.1's just fine. i do have t ...   Pdreher

02-14-10   My father had the original 275 for 40 years with never a sic ...   Bongofury

02-14-10   Imo, i would think the mac with the 40.1s would be too much ...   Toetapfactor

02-14-10   Toetap - before making the plunge, i too was concerned that ...   Pdreher

02-14-10   Glad the mcintosh worked out for you. the 40.1's are truly g ...   Ryder

02-14-10   Ryder - thanks for the kind sentiments. i know you've been ...   Pdreher

02-14-10   Hi pdreher. thanks for the recommendation. will keep the mac ...   Ryder

02-15-10   Pdreher..i understand that retro thing as at one time i coll ...   Toetapfactor

03-07-10: Tzh21y
You are right Toetap, some of us like the way real music sounds, and the 275 reproduces music in a more realistc and enjoyable fashion than any amplifier I have heard regardless of cost. Unfortunately, for me, it took many years and many lessons before I finally broke down and admitted to myself that McIntosh equipment has a high resale value for a reason. I did not want to admit it to myself for a long time. The 275 is one of their very best and is an absolute steal for the money. Harbeths sound nothing like JBL's by the way. As far as Avalon's are concerned they are good speakers no doubt about it, but the Harbeths sound pretty good and the gap is nowhere near how you put it. Have you ever heard Harbeths? If you did, you would know this. The Avalons have more bass but I am not sure that necessarily makes them better as in a revelation as you put it. Bigger isn't always better.
Tzh21y  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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