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  Sumo Polaris 310 Current
I am looking at this amp, possibly to drive my Maggies, and I'd like to know what their current ratings are. I've looked around and it seems like all that is available is their wattage. I'd prefer to know things like the amps amperage availability, the transformer va, it's capacitance, and whatever other specs that would be of help in determining current and things like that,

Essentially I am trying to stick to amps with more available current, but in a more modest price bracket.

Another contender, and another amp that I'd love to know this information on is the Sumo Andromeda II. I've looked at this amp and it seems like an even better fit for what I am trying to do. My only concern is that it costs hundreds more.

Thanks! Aaron
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09-17-12: Rrog
You may want to look into early Audio Research solid state amplifiers like the D-100B and D-120. These amplifiers were designed for Maggies and you can pick one up for a reasonable price.
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