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  B&W 805D2 or Magico Q1?
Has anyone compared these two speakers? with all of the over-the-top reviews for the B&W's and the reputation held by Magico for their pursuit of a new paradigm of perfectionism i am left wondering if there is any real competition or should i just trust the numbers, i.e. $24,950 vs $5,000...? i am not trying to start a fight here either, but theoretically what more can "anyone" do with a woofer and a tweeter with a single crossover and a rock-solid cabinet?
just as an aside, $5K used to buy you a (new) state-of-the-art FULL-RANGE B&W speaker system that could play at LIVE SPL's. of course they couldn't compete with Wison's or Sonus Fabers for resolving fine detail, but umteem improvements later we (supposedly) have a whole new ball game out there.
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01-16-12   I expect you'd find the cost price of the crossover componen ...   Defride

01-16-12   I think you would have to really like the sound of the q1 mo ...   Sarcher30

01-16-12   If you are going to spend 25k on a speaker, why not just get ...   St01

01-17-12: French_fries
there's no argument that the Q1 speakers are expensive, and lack the birch-ply and matching stands that the MINI's had, which i thought was really stunning.
OTOH there's nothing wrong with the clean lines of the newest monitor from Magico especially if it CLEARLY outperforms what has gone before. but i can't get past the thought that the new 805D2's are so well made. and at $5K a pair (stands are extra) these are not the economy model, and a number of reviewers are really in awe of what it does regardless of size and cost.
admittedly the last B&W's i personally auditioned relevant to this thread were the silver signatures, which threw amazing images and looked a lot cooler than my 801s3's. but i never auditioned a small speaker that cost anything near what the magico's are going for.
even if i did go back and review what the crossover is all about i still
am at a loss to understand (keeping an open mind) how the Q1's get out of the way to such an extent that they don't have any competition in that size category. but i don't (completely) rule out the possibility that they transcend the current standards for really excellent loudspeakers and enter into the "musical instrument" realm.

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01-17-12   We need to factor in the resistance to termites and other wo ...   Wolf_garcia

01-17-12: French_fries
"i think i got it"--- like in the movie with rex harrison. these speakers are designed for "European" style apartments owned by millionaires who like to live 4 blocks from the opera house. they have Soulution amps and preamps, a hand-built turntable, and an equally exotic CDP. their wires are all (real) gold plated.
a picture out of a B&W advertisement with ultra-modern Italian furnishings complete the picture. this of course is no match for their country estate which has a great room- 40 x 60 x 25 in which the top Kharma speakers pump out enough sound to comfortably reproduce the sound of Boeing 747's on take-off.
no, i am NOT being cynical here, but in America if you have MONEY you can afford a MUCH larger room. except perhaps in Manhattan there is an apartment small enough to fill the bill not far from Lincoln Center...

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01-17-12   If your loaded and want a second system but only have a smal ...   Sarcher30

01-17-12   Imo,your post makes no want to compare the q1 whic ...   Missioncoonery

01-17-12   I have never been convinced by the big models of b&w but ... ...   Clavil

01-17-12   I've been thinking of these models too but i'm not sure whic ...   Bjesien

01-17-12   I think you better stick with headphones in that dump.   Sarcher30

01-18-12: French_fries
?? Missioncoonery incorrectly describes the B&W speakers as ENTRY LEVEL. FACT- Professional Reviews of the B&W's strongly suggest they are world class. FACT-a lot of money and technology plus YEARS of product development by a company that makes "THE SNAILS" amongst other amazing SOTA designs deserve anyone's respect whether or not they would prefer a different speaker for their own system.
there is EVERY REASON to compare these two loudspeakers. (and what about the latest mini monitors from Sonus Faber?- costly but not anything like the Magico's). the thread makes sense in that if someone listened to both speakers i would welcome their impressions. this is not "a fight" but an attempt to evaluate, nothing more, nothing less. if i learn something NEW here instead of generating derogatory comments then we all benefit. if i personally went to some recent audio shows and auditioned these (or even similar) speakers i would only be too happy to offer my observations.
i like small speakers that do a lot as do many people. high definition in a small package is a lofty goal (as opposed to a large speaker that is poorly put together but plays Black Sabbath albums that shake the walls).
all i am saying is, even IF you're real fussy about quality, you're not going to get Beethoven #9 to spill out of a 6 or 7 inch driver. so i feel it DOES MAKE SENSE to set some reasonable parameters when considering a certain class of product.

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01-18-12   French_fries..if ya love the b&w sooo em and be do ...   Missioncoonery

01-18-12: French_fries
THIS FORUM is intended to foster intelligent discussion, but IF you LUV making cynical remarks instead perhaps you should find a dumb-retort discussion group that would better serve your purposes...
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01-18-12   French fry...exactly!!.your post makes no sense.your trying ...   Missioncoonery

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01-18-12   Missioncoonery, since you got to listen to both in the same ...   Sarcher30

01-18-12   I own the magico mini ii. though i haven't heard the q1 yet ...   Peterayer

01-19-12: French_fries
Dear Difficult M-coonery,
i asked for opinions regarding how both speaker systems sounded being that both absolutely represent the high end. the B&W's in no way are "SUBARU'S"; THEY are perhaps better described as Audi's (vs Bentley's). with your eyes closed you might be able to tell the difference riding in the back, but perhaps not.
but since you NOW tell us that you DID get to compare BOTH speakers, and under almost ideal conditions. so what have we learned so far from your contributions to this thread? other than your "how can you compare a very expensive speaker to a less-expensive (actually you stated an "entry-level") speaker i am no better informed now than i was before.
the POINT i was trying to make is that both speakers are very, very good, and both could be expected to play music with excellent results. i am not a LOVER of B&W or MAGICO; i don't have a preference. but with the refinement that B&W has attained over a LOT of years of tweaking their designs, and the perfectionist philosophy of Magico's designer (as well as D.Wilson, Kharma, S.Faber, Focal, MBL, Burmeister, you get the point yet?) what is the practical as well as the aesthetic result SEPARATE FROM the MSRP? let us assume you don't KNOW which speaker costs more, as well as how much more- what would several music lovers conclude from a comparison of the two?
if one is clearly better every time, how MUCH better an improvement does it represent?
i don't know any other way of trying to OPEN UP a discussion amongst real folks (and not just what i read in a magazine) in finding out more about a subject which has piqued my curiosity for some time now. but if i am annoying or offending the very person(s) who might actually provide some answers then i guess i'll just shut-up and "be done with it".
BTW, Great Forum- keep up the good work guys...

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01-19-12   Well, at least you've learned there's very little of value h ...   Chayro

01-19-12   French_fries, don't take missioncoomery's comments seriously ...   Jdec

01-20-12   Jdec ..and proud of it!!!   Missioncoonery

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01-26-12   Im now reading most of the b&w line is made in china,lol...o ...   Missioncoonery

01-26-12   missioncoonery i had no idea the 805d was made in china. ...   Budt

01-27-12   The 800 diamond series is made in uk.   Mark_nz

01-29-12   Comparing b&w to magico or wilson is just plain dumb. b&w i ...   Mpit

01-29-12   the day i audition the new magico q series i also listened ...   Missioncoonery

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08-04-12   Do not want to offend anyone. just read whole post before ju ...   Eelii08

08-04-12   eelii08 - " do not want to offend anyone" whenev ...   Usermanual

08-04-12   You ve got to love this place! i dont own the cr1 so why w ...   Eelii08

08-05-12   Same applies to the r1 vs. the much better, and cheaper mode ...   Usermanual

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08-05-12   Have you listened to other speakers for your own evaluation? ...   Stringreen

08-05-12   Thanks a lot nvp. it has been over a year of listening to m ...   Eelii08

08-05-12   Nvp- never said they were bad and indeed they do well at s ...   Usermanual

08-05-12   Nvp, no there is not an older version of the cr1. there was ...   Eelii08

08-05-12   Very cool, it seems that the three of us, i.e. me, usermanua ...   Nvp

08-05-12   I just started a post for tad speakers owners. we can take i ...   Eelii08

08-05-12   Manual, looking at your posts, are you a magico dealer, asso ...   Eelii08

08-05-12   I heard both the tad cr1 and r1 at rocky mountain in 2010 wi ...   Peterayer

08-05-12   Eelii08 - sound to me like you are offended. next time befor ...   Usermanual

08-05-12   Peterayer - "manual's opinion of the tad speakers is cl ...   Usermanual

08-05-12   Manual, see, until your last post i was not. your opinion ab ...   Eelii08

08-08-12: French_fries
I LIKE B&W SPEAKERS. my 801's (as well as the 802's) were amazingly good in their day (and can still be modified and improved). i heard the Nautilus snails at a Stereophile show and was very impressed (although the presentation was very brief). but they were pretty special (and still are). the silver signatures were some of the best monitor speakers i ever heard. i couldn't get too excited when the Nautilus line came out (1st generation) but i never got to hear the diamond V1 or now the V2's, but i have heard good things about them from people who have no economic interest in telling me they were very good. the build quality has never been an issue either- the cabinetry is as smooth as a babies' "ear".
if you "detest" them, you have an agenda.
i would love to audition the Magico's someday. but they will have to be
full range to be worth spending money on.

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08-08-12   French_fries, i did not like the fact that you started a thr ...   Eelii08

08-09-12: French_fries
i forgot to mention the time i auditioned the Matrix-800 speakers. not only did they sound like a million bucks, they looked like a truly exotic best-we-know-how-to-make reference. they didn't sound as good as the $100K Wilson WAMM system on the other side of the room, but they still possessed many of the same qualities- only on a smaller scale. if you could afford the kind of gear and wire to get the most out of them (and a good-sized listening space) you could have an amazing experience every night for many years to come.
strange how a lot of super-speakers today bear a similar design to the Matrix-800's. maybe B&W should think about revisiting that approach with their newest drivers. that might make a bunch of folks want to hear them BEFORE making any final decisions about making a purchase. the "snails" are gorgeous speakers but probably very expensive to manufacture. (OTOH i would love to hear the present incarnation under better circumstances.)

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08-09-12   Eelii08 - i thought i am the one who should get a life. you ...   Usermanual

08-09-12: French_fries
some people want to do battle and others like to talk about their experiences with stereo equipment and recordings they like to listen to, or concerts they enjoyed attending. for those more interested in mortal combat i suggest karate lessons;
for those who had a great time at a store or someone's home listening to music
i would love to hear what you experienced. most if not all of this equipment is (ridiculously) expensive, but it can also take you much closer to what you heard when the performance was live.
that magical experience should not be downgraded by anyone even if they're
experts at speaker/component/wire design. SHARE information, don't beat me down over it. Over and Out.

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08-09-12   French_fries - it is just semantics. passive-aggressive styl ...   Usermanual

08-09-12   Could not agree more french_fries. does b&w have new driver ...   Eelii08

08-10-12: French_fries
Mr. EELLII08- i was merely speculating about a tower-style system (like the MM3's by evolution acoustics for ex.) with B&W drivers, perhaps even 2 x 12" woofers
instead of 10's, perhaps even self-powered, etc. that would be one heck of a cool project for them to try. they certainly have the facilities and the expertise to make speakers that can throw a really large image into a good-sized room. AND the price could probably be "a little" more reasonable than Kharma or Magico, Wilson, etc.
Even so, i do believe the 805D2 speakers, while also not inexpensive, can make a lot happen on the other end of the size/cost spectrum.
look, once upon a time i had a pair of used ADS L-15/90-II speakers ($1200!) with two 10" woofers, a mid and a tweeter/side that sounded really terrific.
and the beat goes on....
P.S.- Mr. Usermanual, no problem, just recovering from the attacks further up the list
of comments regarding the degree of difference between the Magico Q1's and the B&W 805's.

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08-22-12   Both great speakers but you are comparing apples and oranges ...   Fossda

08-24-12   I read a review by what hifi magazine of the b&w 805ds and a ...   Jazmini

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