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  Walker or VPI motor controller with scoutmaster?
I currently own a scoutmaster with super platter. I am considering purchasing either the Walker or VPI motor controller. I tested the speed on my turntable using a strobe and the turntable operates at the correct speed. In addition, my turntable is plugged into an isolated wall socket that is on a separate circuit from the rest of my audio equipment. In addition, I only have 33 rpm records.

I am not sure the Walker or VPI motor controller would benefit my system.

Is there anyone with a similar setup that has tried either the Walker or VPI motor controller? I would like to know, if anyone with a similar setup has experienced any benefit from either a Walker or VPI motor controller.
Josephdtorres  (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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03-15-08: Elinor
A turntable without a motor controller is only 1/2 a turntable. The addition of a motor controller will give you unending pleasure. How can you get the most out of a TT AC motor which varies constantly in its rotational speed regardless of how good the motor may be? The choice of the VPI or the Walker depends on your finances and which one you like best. They are both good, but the Walker is superior in its ability to hold speed over a longer period of time before you will have to reclock the platter and controller. You will need a strobe and light too. The KAB is an inexpensive strobe and works very well. By the way, I have a Walker Controller and I will probably be selling it soon. It is only 6 months old. My TW Raven Acustic TT is being delivered Mon. 3/17 and I will no longer need the Walker. Email me if you are interested.
Elinor  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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