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  AS Challenger mk 2 vs. Avid Diva 2 sp vs. Rega P9
After many hours of research i've narrowed down my next turntable to...
1-Acoustic Signature Challenger mk 2
2-Avid Diva 2 sp
3-Rega P9

Have heard the P9 mulitple times and was impressed. Frequency extension and bass slam appear to be a minor weakness with the P9. Have never heard the Diva 2 sp or any AS models. From what I have read the Avid/AS excel where the Rega P9 is deficient. I would appreciate any comments from current/previous owners or those that have had experience with these 3 turntables. FWIW i'm considering a Helius Scorpio 4 or OL Encounter tonearm on the Avid/AS, cartridge preference is a ZYX R100 for all 3.
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12-18-12   I dont have experience with the turntables you mention, but ...   Manitunc

12-19-12   I havent heard the as tt but i have heard the p9 and diva ex ...   Pani

12-19-12: Dayglow
Pani/Manitunc-Thx for your response. The Diva 2 i'm considering is the SP model. Which has a 6.3kg platter vs. 2.5kg it also adds speed control. I would never expect a basic Diva to outperform a P9.
Dayglow  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-19-12   You may want to consider the rega rp8! i think it will soon ...   Fjn04

12-19-12   Townshend rock is another worth considering.   Roscoeiii

12-20-12: Dayglow
Roscoeiii-Having read your other posts I assume you own the Townshend Rock 7? Is it true that the standard motor is very power cord sensitive? Does the standard motor use a wall wart as a power supply? These possible issues had swayed me away from the Rock 7, since the optional power supply/dc motor which addresses these issues costs an additional $1900.
Dayglow  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-20-12   Dayglow- it sounds like you may have read it, but there is a ...   Fjn04

12-20-12: Dayglow
Fjn04-I think i've read every review regarding the Rock 7. I just think at this price level a seperate power supply and speed control should be standard, not a $1900 option. Rega is now taking pre-orders for the flagship RP10 in the UK. Rega has removed the P9 from their website, meaning remaining stock should be getting a healthy discount.
Dayglow  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-20-12   Dayglow- that's what i figured on the p9, since the rp serie ...   Fjn04

12-20-12: Dayglow
Fjn04-My goal was around $5k for tt/arm/cartridge which i'll probably exceed(lol)! The Avid and AS retail at $4500(no arm) but discounts can be found. One retailer has a new P9 for $3995 so I expect the price(s) to fall even more as the RP10 is unveiled(no official pics yet). Are you using a Dynavector 20x2 on the Amadeus?
Dayglow  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-21-12   Dayglow- in main system, which is listed on my system page, ...   Fjn04

12-21-12   Yes dayglow, i scooped up the only rock 7 i have ever seen u ...   Roscoeiii

12-21-12   The amadeus gta is vastly different in a build quality sense ...   Vortrex

12-21-12   Vortrex, did you think the gta was better in any specific ar ...   Fjn04

12-21-12   If i had to put a number to it i'd say the gta is 5-10% bett ...   Vortrex

12-21-12   And once you get to the gta or a vortrex, you are at the end ...   Roscoeiii

12-21-12   dayglow, it is not only the platter size but the suspension ...   Pani

12-21-12   Thanks vortrex, your comments are much appreciated. just to ...   Fjn04

12-21-12: Dayglow
Fjn04-Have an Allnic H-1200.
Dayglow  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

12-22-12   Dayglow- sounds to me like your in nice shape. the h-1200, a ...   Fjn04

12-22-12   Fjn04 - yes, that's true.   Vortrex

01-22-13: Dayglow
Update-I purchased a used Rega P9 and received it today. Need to replace the mat and standard feet/belts. There are conflicting viewpoints whether a clamp or record weight is needed on a P9, any owners have an opinion?
Dayglow  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

01-23-13   Check out groovetracer on the net. the counter weight they h ...   Mattmiller

01-23-13   Awesome choice!!!! i was just about to say get the p9. of co ...   Mattmiller

01-24-13   Superb choice !!   Pani

08-16-13   Hi dayglow, i own the as challenger and i think it is ...   Jujuw1

08-17-13: Dayglow
Jujuw1-I see this is your first post. Welcome to the club! After about 100 hours on the Rega P9 I would say overall i'm satisfied. I went with an AT-OC9 MK2 due to it's low cost and giant killer status. The giant killer status IMO is 1/2 true. It lacks the refinement and texture of many $1000+ cartridges but for under $400 I have no complaints. A Goldring Legacy could be my next cartridge choice giving me more midrange texture(not coloration) and relaxing the somewhat hyper/energetic P9. I very seriously considered the AS Challenger but there were to many posts claiming poor customer service. I hope this never becomes a problem for you, but i'm sure it's a great sounding table.
Dayglow  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

08-18-13   Please by the rega wall shelf for your p9. it made a huge di ...   Dhcod

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