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 From the Captain's Chair
  Pass, Atma, BAT, Merlin, SCD-1 Workshop
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03-09-08   You are a little nutty but i like it! where can i get a mark ...   Barrysandy

03-09-08   I suppose it's a different kind of nuts than the usual varie ...   Dgarretson

03-10-08   Dave how easy is it to disassemble the tt bearing cup and re ...   Barrysandy

03-11-08   Barry, i've heard from other hw19 owners that the bearing as ...   Dgarretson

03-11-08   Btw, with a ceramic ball floating in the spindle cup i'm usi ...   Dgarretson

03-13-08   I'm still debating all this. seems kind of goofy the bearing ...   Barrysandy

03-14-08   The mark kelly controller is a fairly advanced diy project. ...   Dgarretson

03-22-08   System edited: back into the merlin bbam playing with coupli ...   Dgarretson

05-11-08   System edited: recent mods to atma-sphere mp-1 mkii include ...   Dgarretson

08-08-08   System edited: impressive improvement switching from caddock ...   Dgarretson

08-18-08   System edited: after installing texas components nude tx2575 ...   Dgarretson

10-24-08   System edited: now well into break-in of claritycap mr and d ...   Dgarretson

10-24-08   Props for your continuing advancement of the arts d. i just ...   Rhyno

11-26-08   System edited, photos to follow: the modded scd-1 has been r ...   Dgarretson

12-01-08   System edited: replaced all surface-mount metal chip resisto ...   Dgarretson

12-18-08   System edited: photo added of my most recent mods to scd-1. ...   Dgarretson

12-30-08   Your system is one of my favorites & i enjoy revisitng each ...   Barrysandy

12-30-08   System edited: added photo of vpi tnt modded platter bearing ...   Dgarretson

12-30-08   Thanks barry & good luck with those mods. i was writing the ...   Dgarretson

01-05-09   Wow! sounds like you have really worked hard on getting the ...   Mapman

01-05-09   Thanks! nice ohm speakers doggie similar to rca his master's ...   Dgarretson

01-13-09   System edited: modified merlin vsm-mx with custom jumpers be ...   Dgarretson

01-23-09   Looking at all the pictures again dave, your moniker should ...   Ptmconsulting

01-23-09   Hi bob, i found that bass control, dynamics & focus improved ...   Dgarretson

01-29-09   System edited: photo added of diy hardwood sandbox for modif ...   Dgarretson

02-03-09   System edited: photo added of trans-fi terminator air-bearin ...   Dgarretson

02-08-09   After reading your thread and others, i finally mustered eno ...   Norm

02-09-09   Hi norm, glad the v-cap mod worked out. vk60 lacks the separ ...   Dgarretson

02-09-09   System edited: photo added of diy roller-ball footers modele ...   Dgarretson

02-16-09   System edited: photo added of vpi tnt customized feet with d ...   Dgarretson

03-01-09   I like to thank-you dave for sharing the mods done to your b ...   Norm

03-02-09   Norm, glad you're enjoying the upgraded rectifiers. it takes ...   Dgarretson

03-07-09   System edited: photo added of ttweights copper tt mat: audio ...   Dgarretson

03-29-09   System edited: having previously used claritycap mr to repla ...   Dgarretson

03-29-09   D, nice rig! i'm curious, have you heard the mxe version o ...   Joneill

03-29-09   Jim, i heard the unleaded mxe-version with ars integrated tu ...   Dgarretson

03-31-09   Dear dgarretson: you relly have fun with your great audio sy ...   Rauliruegas

03-31-09   Raul, thanks. if i had a lab full of great turntables like y ...   Dgarretson

04-16-09   Hi dave, very impressive! - amazingly i have been using cop ...   Pjwd

04-18-09   Hi phil, interesting when the few diyers in these parts mov ...   Dgarretson

04-18-09   System edited: photos added of modded merlin vsm-mx crossove ...   Dgarretson

04-18-09   Hi dave, i did all the tests on speaker cable first after tr ...   Pjwd

05-03-09   System edited: photo added of modified atma-sphere mp-1 powe ...   Dgarretson

05-09-09   System edited: photo added of diy air flow meter for trans-f ...   Dgarretson

05-09-09   hi dave, i'll bet you machined the adapter to mount the ga ...   Islandmandan

05-24-09   Dave, did you use basic hot glue for securing your upgraded ...   Sherod

05-24-09   Sherod, i use goop cement for this and most other diy. it dr ...   Dgarretson

05-24-09   After 2k hours my lyra helikon is off to soundsmith for a re ...   Dgarretson

05-24-09   Thanks for the info. i wanted to use something that had good ...   Sherod

05-24-09   Goop dries in 15-30 minutes and obtains strength in 1-2 hour ...   Dgarretson

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