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  Pass, Atma, Esoteric, Merlin Workshop
  Pass Labs XA-160.8 Amplifier  pic
  Sony Modded SCD-1  pic
  Twisted Pear/Sony SCD-1 32bit ESS Sabre ES9018 DAC Upgrade  pic
  Merlin VSM Crossover Mod Claritycap MR Tweak  pic
  Merlin VSM Crossover Mod: Duelund Resistors with 2.0 V2 Wire  pic
  Merlin VSM Tweeter Diffuser Tweak  pic
  Tannoy ST-100 Supertweeter Speaker  pic
  Kenwood L-07D Direct Drive Turntable  pic
  VPI Modded TNT with thread drive  pic
  Trans-fi Modded Terminator Pro Linear Air Bearing Tonearm  pic
  Trans-Fi Custom Arm Wand for Universal Headshells Tonearm  pic
  Trans-Fi Reso-Mat Turntable Mat Tweak  pic
  DIY Turntable Hardwood Sandbox with Segmented Top Plate  pic
  Mark Kelly AC-1 Turntable Drive Controller  pic
  Audio Research Modded PH-2 Phono Stage  pic
  Various MC & MM/MI Cartridges
  Soundsmith Grace F9 Ruby OCL Stylus Cartridge  pic
  Atma-Sphere Modded MP-1 Mark II.2  pic
  Atma-Sphere Modded MP-1 Power Supply Chassis  pic
  Balanced Audio Modded VK-75SE  pic
  Velodyne Modded DD-15  pic
  Sennheiser HE60 Electrostatic Headphones Speaker
  Balanced Power DIY Power Conditioner/Distributor Tweak  pic
  Starsound SP-1 & Apprentice Stand
  Stillpoints Ultra 5, Ultra SS, Ultra Mini Tweak
  Esoteric K-01X CD Player
  Stanford Research Systems Performance 10 Rubidium clock
  Pass Labs XP-25
  DIY Power Cord .999 Silver Power Cord Tweak  pic
  Starsound Rhythm RP-5 Rack Stand  pic

Pass, Atma, Esoteric, Merlin Workshop
Edging closer to an end point… notwithstanding several vintage turntables competing for restoration time and rack space(Kenwood L07D, Technics SP-10 MkII, Luxman PD444.)

Three modified phono stages-- Pass XP-25, Atma MP-1, ARC PH-2 are keepers. The modified Atma MP-1 integrated phono/line stage is the last tube component in the system and is staying put.

The battery-powered Sony SCD-1 with a transplant dual-mono Twisted Pear Buffalo IIISE DAC section, has been replaced by an Estoteric K-01X with a Stanford Research Systems PERF-10 10Mhz rubidium clock powered by a Paul Hynes linear power supply(which also powers the Merlin BBAM and Schuman resonators.) I will eventually find or build a music server that will synchronize to the SRS clock.

The Pass XA160.8 monoblocks are just about flawless and have won me over from tube to SS amps.

With modified crossover, modified BBAM, re-enforced cabinetry and other changes, the Merlin VSM is about as much as can be expected from what is essentially a two-way monitor with extended LF. I’m on the look-out for a small- to medium-footprint speaker that will better it.
Dgarretson  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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05-24-09   Excellent. i am only replacing one 3.9ohm bennic resistor to ...   Sherod

06-01-09   Have you thought of changing your bat vk75´s binding posts?   Rictorre

06-01-09   I bought a set of cardas no-stress clamp-style binding posts ...   Dgarretson

06-02-09   Dgarretson, very nice, love the depth of mods your getting i ...   Undertow

06-03-09   Thanks for a great suggestion. i recently saw a carpenter us ...   Dgarretson

06-03-09   No not at all… very clean perfect hole, cuts easier than a d ...   Undertow

06-03-09   By the way i can suggest using a very short and small size d ...   Undertow

06-16-09   Photo added of cardas no-stress binding posts with cardas no ...   Dgarretson

06-28-09   System edited: recent praise for running springs and audienc ...   Dgarretson

07-09-09   System edited: photo added of interior of modified tice powe ...   Dgarretson

07-11-09   System edited: photo added of channel board of modified arc ...   Dgarretson

08-11-09   Holy moley...this deserves my sincere compliments!   Chashmal

08-11-09   Thanks for the reminder that civility is not lost.   Dgarretson

08-13-09   Yikes! what an incredible stack of gear. no one could accu ...   Timztunz

09-13-09   hello david, dan here, whom you've helped many times in ...   Islandmandan

09-13-09   Hi dan, i have been thinking about star sound audio points f ...   Dgarretson

10-12-09   Having done about every mod i can think of to scd-1 cdp(full ...   Dgarretson

01-06-10   hello dave, dan again, you wanted an update on how things ...   Islandmandan

01-14-10   System edited: raul r's excellent thread on the virtues of n ...   Dgarretson

01-17-10   System edited: photos added of latest mods to trans-fi arm & ...   Dgarretson

01-29-10   Dg can you comment on the diffs b/w the v-caps & the mundor ...   Rhyno

01-29-10   Ryan, they are not too far apart, but v-cap tftf has more d ...   Dgarretson

03-10-10   System edited: added full system view & photos of trans-fi t ...   Dgarretson

03-10-10   Where did you get the thread drive for the tnt   Tzh21y

03-11-10   All mods done in my shop.   Dgarretson

03-11-10   Your new system pic caught my eye. i've looked at your syste ...   Bryoncunningham

03-11-10   How did you do it? it has to sound better than the rubber b ...   Tzh21y

03-11-10   Requires a lathe and other metal tools. it is a bit tweaky t ...   Dgarretson

03-12-10   Very, very nice. bet you can listen for days fatigue free?   Joneill

03-12-10   The joules are nice as well.   Dgarretson

03-12-10   Roger that one! the merlin's just love those otl amps :-)   Joneill

03-22-10   Hi dgarretson, i have 150se's and was hoping you might repl ...   C1ferrari

03-23-10   Hi sam, the amp behaves like stock during power up/down. p ...   Dgarretson

03-23-10   Wow, dave...a-s, cary, and lamm - that's an elixir for what ...   C1ferrari

05-29-10   System edited: photo added of latest mod to terminator pro l ...   Dgarretson

06-02-10   System edited: photo added of diy rc network for merlin vsm- ...   Dgarretson

06-02-10   hi dave, i meant to comment on how great the new system ...   Islandmandan

06-03-10   Hi dan, i would consider a trade for your one-of-a-kind tann ...   Dgarretson

06-03-10   might consider it for your souped-up merlins! i rather thin ...   Islandmandan

09-12-10   System edited: photos added of trans-fi tomahawk flat wand a ...   Dgarretson

09-12-10   Hey dave! how are things going for you with your claritycap ...   Sherod

09-12-10   Hi sherod, thanks for inquirying. as we speak claritycap mr ...   Dgarretson

09-12-10   Thanks, dave. i'm glad to see that there are now lower value ...   Sherod

10-28-10   Dave, fantastic mods. it's like reading through an adventure ...   Slhijb

10-28-10   Great project. drawing on my own incremental experience and ...   Dgarretson

10-29-10   I plan on changing the caddocks in the sbam with tx2575s (pe ...   Slhijb

10-29-10   Pm me if you want more info on the battery upgrade. it's not ...   Dgarretson

12-22-10   System edited: photo added of prototype trans-fi terminator ...   Dgarretson

01-15-11   Re:diy roller ball footers black pearls where did you sour ...   Banksfriend

01-16-11   Adam, four 1/4" balls inside a 5/8" lowe's chrome ...   Dgarretson

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