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 Bag End Loudspeakers
 Balanced Audio
 Balanced Power Technologies
 Bamberg Audio
 Bang & Olufsen
 Barco Display Systems
 Barkan Engineering Ltd.
 Bartolucci Transformers
 Basis Audio
 Bass Industries
 Bassocontinuo Audio Systems
 Bastanis Speakers
 Baton Digital Electronics
 Battle Rock Studios
 Bauer Audio
 Bauls Audio
 Bavarian Woodworks
 Bay Area Audio Society
 Bay Audio
 B B E Sound Inc.
 BC Acoustique
 Beard Audio
 BEAR Labs
 Beauhorn Speakers
 Becker Designed, Inc.
 Bedini Electronics
 Behold Audio
 Brown Electronic Labs
 Bel Canto Design
 Bella Extreme
 Bellari Audio
 Bella Voce
 Bell Oggetti
 Benchmark Media Systems
 BenQ Inc.
 Bent Audio
 Benz Micro
 Beresford DAC
 Bergmann Audio
 Berkeley Audio Design
 Berning Company
 Bertram Cables
 Bertrand Audio Imports
 Better Records
 Beveridge Audio
 Bewitch Audio
 Beyma North America
 Beyond Audio and Video Gallery
 Beyond Frontiers Audio
 BGW Systems
 Biamp Systems
 B I C America
 Big Georges
 Big Sky Hi-Fi
 Billy Bags Design
 Birdland Audio
 Biro Technology
 B&K Components
 BK Labs Inc.
 Blackbird Audio
 Black Dahlia Music
 Black Diamond Racing
 Blackfire Research
 Black Mountain Cable
 Blacknote Records
 Black Sand Cable
 Bluebird Music Limited
 Blue Circle Audio
 Blue Coast Records
 Blue Coast World
 Bluelectric Ltd.
 Blue Light Audio
 Blue Marble Audio
 Blueroom Loudspeakers
 Blue Smoke Entertainment Sys
 Blumenhofer Acoustics
 Blu Note Design
 BNS Loudspeakers
 Bob Hodas
 Bob's Devices
 Bocchino Audio
 BodySound Technologies
 Bogdan Audio
 Bogdan Audio Creations
 Bohlender Graebener
 Bolder Cable Company
 Bolzano Villetri SRL
 Bono Audio
 Border Patrol
 Boston Acoustics
 Boston Audio Designs
 Boston Audio Society
 BOW Technologies
 Boxlight Corp.
 Bozak Audio Lab
 Brentworth Sound Lab
 Bright Star Audio
 Brinkmann Audio
 British Fidelity
 Brodmann Acoustics
 Brooks Berdan LTD
 Bruce Moore Audio Design
 BSG Technologies
 BSP Audio
 Burgess Audio
 Burmester Audio
 Butler Audio
 BV Audio
 BWS Consulting
 Bybee Technologies
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