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  Industry Directory
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 Pacific Creek
 Pacific Island Audio
 Pacific Valve and Electric Co.
 Palmetto Audio
 Pangea Audio
 Papworth Audio
 Paragon Acoustics
 Paragon Sight + Sound
 Paramount Technology
 Park Avenue Audio
 Parker Audio
 Parts Express
 Pass Labs
 Pathos Acoustics
 Paul Hynes Design
 PBN Audio
 Peachtree Audio
 Peak Consult
 Pear Cable Inc.
 Peerless Acoustics
 Peerless AV
 Perfect8 Technologies
 Perfect Sound
 Performance Electronique
 Perrotta Consulting
 Perpetual Audio
 Perpetual Technologies
 Phantom Prod. Museum
 Phase Linear
 Phase Technology
 Phiaton Inc.
 Phil Jones Pure Sound
 PI Audio Group
 Pierre Gabriel
 Pierre Lurne
 PI Greco
 Pink Triangle
 Pinsh Loudspeakers
 Pi Speakers
 Pitch Perfect Audio
 Placette Audio
 Planet of Sound Distribution
 Plasencia and Hijos
 Plateau Corp
 Platinum Audio
 Playback Designs
 PLUS Vision
 Pluto Audio
 PNF Audio
 Podium Sound Ltd.
 Polk Audio
 Polyfusion Audio
 Portal Audio
 Porterhouse Audio
 Portier HiFi
 Posh Speaker Systems
 Poth Audio
 Power Modules
 PQ Imports
 Prana Wire
 Precision Acoustic Labs
 Precision Audio and Video
 Precision Fidelity
 Precision Transducer Engineering
 Premier Series
 Premium Sound Design
 Presence Audio
 Primare Systems
 PrimeOne Media
 Probe Audio Labs
 Procella Audio
 Proclaim Audioworks
 Project Audio
 Promitheus Audio
 Pro Star Audio
 PS Audio
 PSI Audio
 PTE Acoustics
 Puget Sound Studios
 Pure Audio
 Pure Note
 Pure Power
 Pure Silver Connection
 Pure Sound
 Purist Audio Design
 Purest Sound Systems
 Purity Audio Design
 Pyon Sound
 Pythagoras Audio
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