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 Sakura Systems
 Salagar Sonics
 Salamander Designs
 Salk Sound
 Samadhi Acoustics
 Samuel Johnson
 Sanders Sound Systems
 Sanibel Sound
 Santa Fe Audio
 Sanus Systems
 Sanyo Fisher
 SAP Audio
 SAS Audio Labs
 Saturday Audio Exchange
 Sausalito Audio Works
 SB Acoustics
 Scaena Loudspeakers
 Scandinavian Audio Research
 Scheu Analog
 Schick Tonearms
 Schiit Audio
 Schroder Tonearms
 Schroers & Schroers
 Scientific Fidelity
 SE2 Labs
 SED Tubes
 Sehring Audio
 Selah Audio
 Sennheiser Electronics
 Sensation Musicale
 Sensory Power
 Sentient Acoustics
 Serious Stereo
 Shabani Industries
 Shahinian Acoustics
 Shakti Innovations
 Shanling Audio
 Shearne Audio
 Shengya Audio
 Sherbourn Audio
 Shindo Labs
 Shuguang Treasure
 Shun Mook Audio
 Shunyata Research
 Sierra Audio
 Signal Cable Inc.
 Signal Collection
 Signal Path
 Signature Audio Ltd
 Silbatone Acoustics
 Silent Running Audio
 Silent Source Audio Cables
 Silicon Arts Design
 Siltech Cables
 Silver Audio
 Silver Circle Audio
 Silverline Audio
 Silversmith Audio
 Sim Audio
 Simon Yorke
 Simpli Fi Audio
 Simply Physics
 Singlepower Audio
 Sistrum Platforms
 Sj÷fn HiFi
 Skylan Manufacturing Ltd
 Skywire Audio
 Slim Devices
 SLS Loudspeakers
 Smart Devices, Inc.
 Smarter Speaker Support
 SMc Audio
 Smith & Larson
 Smyth Research
 SOA Cables
 Soaring Audio
 Solaja Audio
 Solar Winds Audio
 Solid Tech
 SOLOS Audio
 Solus Audio
 Song Audio
 Sonic Art Audio
 Sonic Euphoria
 Sonic Frontiers
 Sonic Horizon
 Sonic Impact
 Sonics by Joachim Gerhard
 Sonic Spirits, Inc.
 Sonic Studio
 Son Ideal
 Sonist Loudspeakers
 Sonoran Audio Design
 Son Or Filtronique
 Sonorus Audio
 Sono Technique
 Sonus Faber
 Sonus Veritas
 Sophia Electric
 SoulSonic Speakers
 Sound Advance
 Sound Anchor
 Sound Application
 Sound Atics Inc.
 Sound By Singer
 Sound Connections
 Sound Design Labs
 Sound Dynamics
 Sound Engineering
 Soundfield Audio
 Sound Forum
 Sound Hounds
 Sound Image
 Sound Insight
 Sound Lab
 Sound Mechanics
 Sound Physics Lab
 Sound Quest Isolation
 Sound Quest Tube Amps
 Soundscape AV
 Sound Science
 Sounds of Silence
 Sound So Good
 Sounds Real Audio
 Soundstring Cable
 Sound Tube
 Sound Valves
 Soundwave Speakers
 Space-Tech Laboratory
 Spatial Audio
 Speaker Art
 Spemot AG
 Spin-Clean International
 Spiral Groove
 Spread Spectrum Technologies
 SP Technology
 SQ Products
 Sroll Audio
 Stage III Concepts
 Stanalog Audio Imports
 Stan White
 Star Sound Technologies
 State Technology Research
 Status Acoustics
 Stealth Audio Cables
 Steinmusic LTD
 Steppe Acoustics
 StudioLAB Loudspeakers
 Steve Blinn Designs
 Stewart Filmscreen
 Still Audio Design
 Stillpoints LLC
 Stones Sound Studio
 Straight Ahead Records
 Stronghold Furniture
 Studio Acoustics
 Studio Electric
 Sugden Audio Products
 Summum Acoustique
 Sun Audio
 Sunny Cable Technology
 Sunny Components Inc.
 Superior Sight & Sound
 Supra Cables
 Supratek Audio
 Sutherland Engineering
 Suzi-Q Audio
 Svetlana Tubes
 Swans Speaker Systems
 Symphonic Line
 Symposium Acoustics
 Synergistic Research
 Syn Factory Srl
 Synthesis Art in Music
 System Audio
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