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Creating Rooms of Magic

  Auctions for Charity
Audiogon has partnered with HE2003, AVSForum, and the Elf Foundation to bring you a special event from the show. Items will be auctioned off on this website, and all proceeds will go to this industry's most fascinating charity.

The Elf Foundation is a non-profit charity that creates Rooms of Magic – private entertainment theaters – for children’s hospitals so that countless special kids can look forward to a delightful evening of laughter and intrigue.

Imagine the smiles of children and their families when they get together to share a magical night at the movies.  Here is a wonderful opportunity for the audio video industry to help the elves to spread the joy.  
Businesses may donate items to be auctioned.  Bidders may purchase items through online bidding. All proceeds from the auctions will go to the Elf Foundation, and all donors will receive a receipt for their charitable contribution.
  Contributors to these Auctions
Note: we have just started contacting potential donors.
Please check back regularly until the HE2003 show, June 5th-8th.
 Harmonic Technology
 Cardas Audio
 Home Theater Cruise
 Tyler Acoustics
 Rives Audio
 Underwood Hifi
 Kimber Kable
 JPS Labs
 Rogue Audio
 Home Theater Cruise
 Quest for Sound

 Aberdeen Components
 Hi-End Palace
 Audio Odyssey
 Quest for Sound
 Dedicated Audio
 Artistic Audio
 Intrigue Technologies
 Better Records
 Audio Vault
 Audio Revelation
 Brooklyn Audio
 Soundstring Cable
 Clarity Labs

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