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 T.H.E. and CES 2008 show coverage
Audiogon presents audio events with the most innovative and in-depth coverage you will find anywhere. You are one click away from viewing over two thousand high resolution pictures. (see below) This year we have added video coverage which includes product demonstrations, and interviews with industry notables.

Albert Porter helped us capture high quality pictures from T.H.E. Show, while the rest of our team was scrambling around the venues at CES and T.H.E. to capture video bytes and additional pictures. Presented below are the first batch of videos that we have edited and uploaded. There are many more videos as well as comments from our manufacturers to present, so please check back often.

You may also access our pictures directly by choosing one of the following links:
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DarTZeel secrets revealed (09:32)
Herve Deletraz, the designer of Dartzeel amplifiers reveals some of his secrets about the clean but rich sound he gets out of his solid state amplifiers. Single-ended fans as well as the muscle-minded are falling in love with his amplifiers because it seems that audiophiles can finally have their cake and eat it too, thanks to a single transistor output stage and only FIVE other components in the signal path.
Quest For Sound keeps finding 'it' (06:47)
Long time AudiogoN advertiser Stephen Monte gives us a quick run down of the many lines he now imports and distributes. Amongst his recent finds are the gorgeous Raysonic products which incorporate tubes plus great looks for a reasonable price. Analog fans will be glad to hear that Dual is back in the USA, thanks to Stephen's company NAT Distribution which stocks all models for immediate delivery.
Blue Smoke blew no smoke (06:45)
Peter Sills of Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems unveiled their unique entry into the high-end music server niche. The Black Box is a DC-powered unit with no moving parts, tethered via ethernet to an external server where the moving parts and noisey signals reside. The system reclocks and reduces jitter going both ways: either while recording off CD or while playing off hard drive. 24/192 resolution and standard Windows software give it maximum flexibility.
Granite Audio has rock solid concepts (08:00)
President Don Hoglund plays piano and once preceded Liberace in a 1964 concert. Designer Jim Munzer plays bass and acoustic guitar with High Sierra. As one would guess, Granite Audio manufactures tube gear with a very dynamic sound. Also check out some of their unique products including an infinitely adjustable footer, unique ground loop eliminator, and a high resolution test signal generator for $50.00.
Stahl-Tek debuts a very serious DAC (09:30)
Mike Stahl set out to develop a digital converter for Purist Audio's reference systems, and ended up with a world class DAC that has now gone into production for audiophile consumption. Watch this interview to learn more about the Vekian DA Converter that is equally at home with a PC music server or a mechanical transport. The Vekian will be sure to make waves with reviewers and audiophiles in the near future.
Empirical Audio knows computer audio (08:53)
Longtime Agon member and prolific poster Audioengr (Steve Nugent) demonstrated his forward thinking products for PC based systems, including the Pace-Car jitter reducer for Squeezeboxes and Airports. He also debuted a revised USB TubeDAC with Pace-Car built-in. Watch this video to learn about the bottlenecks in PC based sound that Steve addresses as he leads the way with reasonably priced solutions.
High-end Cable pioneer enters US market (09:32)
Tommy Jenving released his first Supra Cable in 1976, and he has been a strong force in the industry ever since. Supra Cables are based on the laws of physics, manufactured in their own factory. They are well known throughout Europe and the Far East but are just now entering the US market. You can bet that we will be hearing a lot more about these cables in the near future. Get to know a pioneer of our industry.
Canada's best kept secret (08:19)
Angstrom Loudspeakers has been around for over 30 years, making high performance loudspeakers at reasonable prices. Rigorous scientific research and extensive real world listening go into each model. Plus they have a secret weapon: the National Research Council, a multi- million dollar research facility designed by Dr. Floyd Toole. Watch this video for a presentation by Angstrom president Tony Gray.
Norvinz has a new distribution model (09:41)
Vinh Vu is a long time AudiogoN advertiser with his Gingko isolation products, and more recently with his Norvinz distribution company. Vinh's new hybrid distribution model (or "Viral Marketing") will be of great interest to all audiophiles. Hobbyists can now earn commissions simply by sharing their passion with friends and colleagues, without going into 'business' per se. Watch this interview to learn more about it.
GTE Audio has them all beat (04:23)
"Pushing the envelope" is an understatement when describing the products of this German company. Their triangular three-piece DAC and similarly shaped amplifiers push the extremes on every graph, beyond the capability of being measured. The looks exude meticulous build quality and the sound exemplifies the very definition of definition.
NFS Party is always a hit (06:41)
NFS as in Not For Sale Audio was started four years ago by a couple of Las Vegas audiophiles that just want to have some fun with this hobby. Foregoing the yearly contribution to their ARA's (Audio Retirement Accounts), they pay for exhibit space just to hang out with fellow audiophiles. They treated vistors to an out-of-this-world presentation of a real-world audio system, to be enjoyed with some nice wines.
Underwoodwally's latest find (01:37)
Walter Liederman, known around these parts as Underwoodwally, is excited about the AuraNote from April Music. And justifiably so it seems. The AuraNote is a gorgeous one-box solution for a modern high end audio system. 'Modern' as in having CD as well as hard drive and USB input, plus a built in amplifier. Just add speakers. Perfect for your office or for a non-audiophile friend of yours.
Purist Audio has a new line (03:42)
Jim Aud does not design new cables just to keep up with the flavor of the month. When he does release a new product you can be sure it has been meticulously engineered and extensively auditioned. His new Proteus line offers high performance in a slim package and lower prices. Analog fans should also check out his new DIN-RCA box, which allows a high quality interface to your tonearm with cables of your choice.
MSR redefines the suspended turntable (06:15)
Turntable guru George Merrill has teamed up with Anthony Scillia (an audiophile from the aerospace industry) to advance the technology of suspended turntables. Check out this video to see how Anthony has solved the three biggest problems with suspended turntables. His out of the box thinking has already lead to a smash hit based on the number of exhibitors that used it in their systems for great sound.
Sanders Sound hits the Sweet Spot (06:14)
Roger Sanders, inventor of the curved electrostatic loudspeaker, will make you rethink everything you always thought you knew about stats. He sure did (rethink everything) to the point of abandoning his own invention for a contradictory philosophy. His logic is irrefutable, his speakers are infallible, and his electronics are unstoppable. Check out this video for a crash course on electrostatic myths and mating.
Aaudio Imports has Eben better speakers (05:08)
Brian Ackerman is now importing Eben loudspeakers from Denmark. But even in the country known for precision drivers, Eben's chief designer Michael Borresen was not happy with any of them so he developed his own. He explains his hundredth-of-a-gram tweeter, metal fused with ceramic woofers, and billet aluminum baffles; all of which result in superb clarity and life like transients on demanding music.
SimpliFi Audio presents Simple Hifi (05:47)
Tim Ryan from SimpliFi Audio represents high end audio electronics from English companies that have a completely different concept on how to build a system. They shun cables as expensive evils, condemn metal as a robber of energy, and avoid large boxes at all costs. Give Tim a few minutes of your time and he may help you see the follies of traditional audiophile beliefs and the fallicies of accepted industry norms.
Soundsmith describes Revolutionary Cartridge (06:36)
Peter Lederman's innovative phono pickup utilizes completely different technology than anything else on the market. It features NO moving parts, NO intertia, and requires NO equalization! Thus Peter has removed several evils from the chain, maintaining a purity to the music that we did not know records had. He also explains the purpose of the dancing lights which raise the eyebrows of many audiophiles.
Wadia ups the ante on iPod interfaces (03:00)
The 170 iTransport is the first high-end interface to extract TRUE digital output from an iPod, sending SPDIF data to your DAC. Given Wadia's extensive knowledge of digital processing, you can be sure the iTransport will extract every bit of data in a time coherent manner. Best part is that it will sell for a mere $349.00! Check out this video introduction by Martin Cooper from Wadia Digital.
Rare chance to meet Harbeth designer (05:30)
Harbeth loudspeakers have long been the best kept secret in the USA, but wildly popular in Europe and Asia for the last 30 years. Alan Shaw, the designer, made the trip from England and we were honored to be able to spend some time with him. Linked here are the highlights from his interview. Check back in a few days for the complete hour-long chat with this captivating yet un-assuming personality.
Navison rocks the Venetian (05:43)
Parallel Single Ended amps running open baffle speakers with 100db efficiency and self-powered woofers. WOW! This system filled a large room with great ease while maintaining that palpable presence of SET fame. Navison unveiled their new tube output CD player, making for a complete, world-class system for well under six digit price range. Check out this video of Navison's marketing director describing their products.
Interview with a fascinating Swede (06:15)
Yet again we were unable to find the beauty queen (Miss Sweden), but we DID catch up with the designer of GURU loudspeakers, Ingvar Öhman, who is presumably far more interesting and is certainly a genius. Linked here are the highlights from our fascinating interview him. Keep an eye out for the entire hour-long interview to be uploaded later; it will be well worth watching and you will learn quite a bit.
Audience appeals to a wider audience (06:18)
We have THREE videos for you, covering the ever expanding product range from Audience LLC. We were lucky enough to convince John McDonald, the founder, to spend some time with us for this interview. We also caught up with chief designer Roger Sheker, who gave us many insights into their speakers and power products.
DIY'ers should also check out his brief on Aura capacitors.
Mark & Daniel combine new with the old (09:54)
Using their own implementation of the well regarded Heil Airmotion driver and a one-piece corian-like cabinet, Mark and Daniel speakers continue to impress with their clarity and dynamics. Their newest creation sells for a mere $1200/pr but sound like a million bucks. You can HEAR that, even in our poorly recorded, highly compressed video of Loren Charles demonstrating some of their merits.
Reasonably priced gear from Audio veterans (08:29)
Bruce Jacobs represents Exemplar and Belles (plus other notable brands) which are known for superb sound at down to earth prices. John Tucker and Dave Belles have been designing audio for several decades, both of them having a cult-like following amongst audiophiles who are willing to share the secret. Bruce is on a mission to take their products from 'secret' to 'sacred'. Check out this video to learn more.
Again, we will be uploading videos on a daily basis so please check this page regularily for the next couple of weeks.