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 CES 2009 Coverage
Audiogon presents audio events with the most innovative and comprehensive coverage you will find anywhere. You are one click away from viewing over two thousand high resolution pictures. (see below) This year we have added HiDef video coverage which includes demonstrations and interviews with industry notables.

Albert Porter helped us capture high quality pictures from CES, while the rest of our team was scrambling around the venues at CES and T.H.E. to capture video bytes and additional pictures. Presented below are the first batch of videos that we have edited and uploaded. There are many more videos as well as comments from our manufacturers to present, so please check back often.

T.H.E. Show pictures, room by room
CES at the Venetian, room by room
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Below are links to videos uploaded to YouTube thus far.
More videos coming soon, so check back often.
Hi-Def Videos on YouTube
We have videos uploaded at the best possible resolution available on YouTube. Recently, they have made a 'watch in HD' option available, which you can select after the page has loaded. If you have the bandwidth available, the video resolution is definitely worth the extra wait and the improvement in sound quality makes it a must.
Marketing hype or scientific fact? (1:46)
The Anat Reference by YG Acoustics filled a very large room with amazing precision. There was so much information conveyed by this system that even after throwing away most of it (ala cheap camera mic, severe compression, etc) you can still hear the precise nature of the sound. Be sure to hit the HD option on YouTube to hear it well.
The Disc Doctor has your prescription (5:06)
Record cleaning is a science, not an art, according to Dwayne Goldman, better known as the Disc Doctor. Here he explains the science behind his products, addresses steam cleaning, and shows why his fluids are used by the world's largest record vaults.
Maxxhorn rocks with Ayon Audio (1:45)
Single-Driver speakers with Single-Ended amps should, in theory, lead to the most seamless sound possible. This system with Maxxhorn's flagships driven by Ayon Audio gear and Prana Wire proves the point even through this compressed YouTube video - hit the HD link.
Totem's In-Walls don't sound walled in (2:19)
Most in-wall speakers sound exactly like their description - that of music trying to come out of a wall. But not Totem's new designs, which utilize massive voicecoils and inclusive cabinets for audiophile quality sound out of a wall. Hear them in this video along with the new Tribes.
Blue Light Audio with many new products (2:21)
darTZeel is now shipping an integrated amplifier and finalizing monoblocks that we found singing with authority, albeit in a working prototype stage. Meanwhile, Evolution has been evolving smaller speakers and Playback Designs has been making digital waves while transitioning their focus from professionals to the audiophile consumer.
Aaudio Imports expands lineup (2:48)
Brian Ackerman keeps finding European gems that US consumers simply need to hear. He is now importing the complete line of Lindemann products from Germany; which includes their highly rated SACD player, amplifiers, speakers, and cables. This rig will shine in a small room, unlike the behemoth Acapella's he also imports.
Audiophile amp for under 250 bits? (5:29)
Virtue Audio is now shipping the Audiophile One and Two integrated amplifiers, which boast 40w/ch, Tri-Path chips, Audience capacitors, Roger Sheker's ear, and Michael Mardis' T-amp experience. Audiophile quality sound at a mass market price of less than $250.00!
Rives Audio continues to grow (2:39)
Richard Bird (agon advertiser and forum contributor Rives) is well known for his expertise and advice on room acoustics. Rives Audio recently purchased (revived?) Talon Loudspeakers. He also is now marketing the gorgeous Navison tube components which apply old-world craftsmanship to new concepts in tube technology.
MBL wows as usual (2:50)
MBL of America presented their 'Reference' and 'Noble' systems, two of their more reasonably priced lines (as compared to their 'Extreme' rig). They were, of course, quite impressive both in terms of sound quality and aesthetics. These components exude German build quality, precision, and literally 360 degrees of sound!
Cary Audio Design Excites computer audio (3:24)
Dennis Had, the prolific designer behind Cary, introduces his new 'Exciter' line of computer audio gear which includes a DAC and a tube amp. A perfect solution for playing those high resolution downloads or for upsampling lower resolution digital sources for better sound.
Eggleston with Grand Prix and Ayre (1:44)
Some of the industry's best regarded companies synergizing to create a very refined musical presentation. Newcomer to the analog world Grand Prix Audio has parleyed their carbon fiber magic into a turntable that's been turning a lot of ears and appearing in a lot of rooms.
The Scots are really into Art Deco? (3.28)
Scotland continues to breed audiophile companies with traditional flare and musical sound. ART is the company name and Deco is the model, thus ART Deco :) The Deco 20's are made by layering sandwich style wood pieces which are then bolted and bonded with epoxy. The result is a stylish yet highly inert cabinet available in 7 million finishes!
Kiso Acoustics, new launch (1:37)
These speakers are designed to emulate musical instruments. They certainly look the part and their sound brings forth audiophile terms such as warm, full-bodied, truth-of-timbre. Their siren song was drawing so many people into the room that we could barely manage line-of-sight for our cameras even on repeated visits to the room.
Acoustic Zen with Triode Amplification (1:25)
Acoustic Zen first made waves with their cables, and have since exploded into the speaker arena with rave reviews. Here they demonstrate with TRI amplification, reasonably priced tube gear from Japan that is imported by longtime Agon advertiser Twin Audio Video.
Von Gaylord system in continuous synergy (1:30)
This company's low profile marketing works well because it has a fanatical following. They sell a complete system that sings in harmony. This demo included their more real-world tube amplifiers, as compared to their too-exotic liquid-cooled behemoths displayed previously (apparently those tubes were too exotic to be found in quantity)
Again, we will be uploading videos on a daily basis so please check this page regularily for the next couple of weeks.