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 Montreal 2009
Salon Son & Image is Canada's audio show held each year in Montreal. It has quickly become an important stop on the worldwide high-end audio tour for exhibitors, audiophiles, and now for Audiogon. This is the first year we have had the pleasure of sending Albert Porter to cover the show for us. He sent us over 300 pictures.

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Montreal is a beautiful city, architecturally it looks more like Europe than the USA. Almost every person I meet is speaking French, making the feeling I'm in Europe even more convincing. The view from the sidewalk was inspirational in spite of the cold and rain that accompanied this show.
Press day (pre-show) and there were not a lot of us signing up for badges. Friday there were a few registrants and Saturday was the busy day, when obligations were out of the way and people could come listen.
The restaurant and bar area on the first day don't give a clue that this area will be standing room only during the show. Draft beer and sandwiches allowed attendants a short break close enough to the exhibits to go right back to the music afterward.
I keep waiting for my own sound system to sound so good that a pretty French speaking girl will reward me this way.

Until then, on with the shooting and listening...

by Albert Porter
We have organized our coverage by each room, and by each brand exhibited. Choose your navigation path and fill your eyes with high-end audio bliss.

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