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 Montreal 2010
Salon Son & Image has become an important stop on the worldwide high-end audio tour for exhibitors, audiophiles, and AudiogoN. We were glad to send Albert Porter to cover it again this year. As usual he captured it in great detail with his beautiful photography.
Comments by Albert

This is the second year I've traveled to Canada to provide Audiogon photo coverage of the Montreal, Salon Son and Image show. I believe this is their first year at the Hilton Bonaventure.
The Hilton Bonaventure is an older hotel in the heart of downtown Montreal with a stone face and what appears to be traditional ground level access for guests.
However, when you walk up the entry steps you don't enter the hotel reception but rather an elevator lobby. The guest rooms, hotel facilities and Salon Son and Image are seventeen floors above the city, surrounded by an oasis.
The roof is covered with fully mature trees in deep, solid earth. There are rock and plant landscapes, water fountains and sitting areas accessible from the walk path. I saw several wild ducks enjoying the plants and water but they would not allow me close enough for a good photo.
Nothing about the hotel or landscape hints that you're this far above street level unless you look down on the city through one of the large windows. I must say, downtown Montreal is pretty and it's style reminds me of Europe more than the USA. It's different in a very nice way.
The first day of the show the girls all had their vibrant blue wigs in place and greeted visitors from the official booth. Their job was to collect a small entry fee in exchange for a show badge and they were doing a great job.
One visitor was so taken by the energy of the show he decided to try on one of the blue wigs himself. A couple of these girls were hot so I understand the motivation, but the wig was doing nothing for him and I don't think he collected any money either. I'll never know for sure, I left quickly after taking these photos.
The show had a lot of visitors who seemed enthusiastic about both equipment and music. The mood was upbeat and positive, especially compared to CES. This seems to be the Canadian version of Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. I hope some of you attended and if not you should try to make next years show, it's worth it.
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