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  Tips for Sellers
  How to become a registered member:
Go to the Registration page, which will ask you to read and agree to our terms.  Fill out the registration form, and receive an activation email.  Within the email will be a link to follow, which will activate your account.  (thus confirming that you are able to receive emails from us).

We will need:
Pick a "Username" - like a nickname, this is how you will be known at the Audiogon.
Your email address - must be valid and deliverable, to receive your password.
Your phone number - released only to another user in a transaction with you.  
Your address - not released to anybody without your permission.

If you would like, you can change your password at any time, but you can NOT change your Username, so pick one you'll be happy with.  If you forget your Username or password, you can go to the Registration page and get help. 

  How to change your password:
You will need your "Username" and your current password.
You can use the  Change Password Form for changing your other information as well, like your phone number.  Please note that Usernames are not changeable, because this how all your bids and listings are tracked.

  How to list an item for auction:
Start by clicking the Start an Auction link to get into the right page.   You will find a variety of fields that will need to be filled out, along with an optional field for a picture URL.  (see Posting pictures in ads).  Once you have completed the fields, you will be able to preview your listing.  If everything looks good in the Preview, go ahead and finish listing.  Please remember that once you Post the Item, you are entering into a contract with the buyer.  You cannot remove the listed item, and you cannot change your mind.   You can check real time status of all of your listings via  MyPage.  At the close of each of your auctions, you will receive an automated email that will summarize the auction results.

  How to post a classified ad:
Just click the Post a Classified link, to access the form.  Fill out the self explanatory form, and you will be able to preview the listing before it is posted.  Audiogon classifieds run for 30 days, after which they are automatically expired.  You can manage your listings via MyPage, including the ability to quickly relist an expired ad.

  What is the Audiogon BlueBook?
We have collected an extensive database of high-end audio models, and their observed resale prices on the used market.  Our BlueBook covers more than 25,000 models, with original resale price, observed or estimated used prices, and some general info.  It also contains links to any online reviews, and other tools for you to research the item in questions. The Audiogon BlueBook has tons of free information, but you will need to pay a small fee to access the pricing data.  The remaining information is readily useful for any visitor.  Take a look

  What is the Audiogon Grading Scale?
It is often difficult to gauge the physical condition of an item based on someone's description.  What exactly does "Mint" mean?   Especially when everybody seems to use it all the time?  The Audiogon Grading Scale is a standard scale that is used by audio dealers and reference books.  It is a 1-10 scale, with very specific criteria for each of the numbers.  Use this scale to describe your item's physical condition, and specify that you are using the Audiogon Rating Scale.  This gives the bidder a lot of confidence in your description, bringing you higher bids. 

  What is the Manufacturer Directory?
Sure, you've seen all the links to the manufacturer's websites, but their websites have information on their current models only.  If you need information on an older model, or need to confirm the version of your item, you need to call the manufacturer.  We have compiled phone numbers, addresses, and in some cases, contact persons to help you find the information you need.  The Manufacturer Directory is an invaluable resource to buyers and sellers of high end audio equipment.