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DA Converters:DA Converters



Architect eq8 lbs
Bijouthx room eq
C-101real time analyzer
C-101 mkIIreal time analyzer
C-101 mkIIIdual 10 band
C-13130 band
C-2210 band
C-50areal time analyzer
D-5205 band
Diva8 ch, 18 lbs
IASYSportable acoustic analyzer
Octave10 band
Octave plus10 band, with analyzer
PCAphase coupled activator
PCA sIIIcrossover
R-13030 band analyzer
Rialtohome theater eq, sub xover
Richter Scale2ch, 6 band, 1.5 octave
Richter Scale mkIIIeq crossover
SA-3050athird octave, spec anal
SA-3051spectrum analyzer
SA-3052realtime spectrum analyzer
Ten10 band
Ten mkII10 band
Ten mkIII10 band
Ten plus mkII10 band with analyzer

Amplifiers & Receivers:Multi-Channel Amps

Architect 50050w, 12ch
Architect 56050w, 2ch, 6 zones
Architect 73512ch, bridgeable
Architect 76012ch, bridgeable
Architect 95060w, 16ch
Architect 95116ch, ethernet
Architect 96016ch, 5 band eq
Architect 96160w, 16ch, 5 band eq
Architect P800
Pantages5 ch, class H, unbal inputs
Pantages G3
Savoy150w, 7ch
Savoy G3
Savoy G4

Home Theater:Processors

Maestropre-proc, 7.1ch, 30 lbs
Maestro M27.1ch