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Home Theater:Blu-ray/DVD/Universal Players

Avideadvd, sat-sub sys


MC-1eMC, 3.5 mV
MC-1vdhMC, 3.5 mV


300L sIIpr, Lynnfield, 48 lbs
500lpr, 2-6.5in woofs, 3way, 200 lbs
A-100pr, 10in woof, 1in twtr
A-100 mkIIpr, 10in woof, dome twtr
A-100 mkIIIpr, 10in woof, 1in twtr
A-120pr, 10in woof, mid, 1in twtr
A-150pr, oak
A-150 mkIIpr, 10in woof, mid, 1in twtr
A-150 mkIIIpr, 10in woof, 1in twtr
A-200pr, 10in woof, mid, 1in twtr
A-400pr, 2-8in woofs, 3way
A-60pr, 8in woof, 1in twtr
BT-18in woof, 4.5in mid, 1in twtr
BT-22-8in woofs, mid, 1in twtr
CR-75pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr
CR-87in woof, 1in twtr, 32 lbs
CR-85pr, 7in woof, 1in twtr
DT-7000sys, sub with 8 in woof
E-100pr, 98 lbs
HD-9pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr
Micro 10tsys, 5 - 5.25 in woofs
Micro 120x
Micro 130x
P-400pr, 3-4.5in woofs
Subsat 7sys, 7in woof
Sys 9000 mkIIsys, sat-sub
T-10008in woof, 6.5in mid, 1in twtr
VR-142-6.5in woofs, 3 way, 60 lbs
VR-207in woof, 1in twtr, 70 lbs
VR-940pr, woof, 1in twtr
VR-950pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 1in twtr
VR-965pr, powered, 10in woof, mid, twtr
VR-970sub with 10in woof
VR-975pr, powered, 10in woof, mids, twtr
VR-M60pr, 6.5in woof, 1in twtr
VR-M80pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 1in twtr
VR-M90pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 3.5in mid, 1in twtr
VRS-Micro3.5in driver, 2.5in twtr
VS-336pr, 3-6.5in woofs, 150 lbs
Voyager 2pr, 4.5 in woof
Voyager 3pr, 5.25 in woof
Voyager Propr, 5.25 in woof


525vctr ch
555xpr, 2-5.25in woofs, 2-1in twtrs
575xpr, 5.25in woofs, 2-2.5in twtrs
A-40pr, 6.5in woof, .75in twtr
A-40 mkIIpr, 6.5in woof, .75in twtr
A-60 mkIIpr, 8in woof, 1in twtr
A-70pr, 8in woof, 2way
A-70 mkIIpr, 8in woof, 1in twtr
Bravo4.5in woof, 1in twtr
Bravo II
Bravo centerctr, 4.5in woof, 1in twtr
CR-14.5in woof, .75in twtr, 6 lbs
CR-24.5in woof, 1in twtr, 7 lbs
CR-55pr, 4.5in woof, .75in twtr
CR-65.25in woof, .75in twtr, 16 lbs
CR-65pr, 5.25in woof, .75in twtr
CR-76.5in woof, .75in twtr, 22 lbs
CR-98in woof, 1in twtr
CR-95pr, 7in woof, 1in twtr
CRCctr, 2-4.5in woofs, 1in twtr
CS-226pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 66 lbs
CS-23pr, 3.5in woof, 8 lbs
CS-26pr, 6.5in woof, 26 lbs
E-40pr, 4.5in woof, 1in twtr
E-50pr, 2-4.5in woofs, 1in twtr
E-60pr, 5.25in woof, 1in twtr
E-70pr, 2-5.25in woofs, 1in twtr
Grand Voyager
HD-5pr, 5.25in woof, .75in twtr
Micro 100xpr, 4.5in woof, 1in twtr
Micro 90t8in woof, 60 lbs
P-430pr, 4.5in woof, 1in twtr
VR-105.25in woof, 3 way, 20 lbs
VR-12ctr ch, 2-6.5in woofs, 30 lbs
VR-30pr, 2-7in woofs, 1in twtr, 90 lbs
VR-35pr, 2-6.5in woofs, 3 way, 80 lbs
VR-402-7in woofs, 3 way, 110 lbs
VR-910ctr, 2-5.25in woofs, 1in twtr
VR-920ctr, 2 woofs, mid, 1in twtr
VR-M50pr, 5.25in woof, 1in twtr
VR-m-expr, 2-5.25in woofs, 2-1in twtrs
VR-mcctr, 2-5.25in woofs, 1in twtr, 13 lbs
VR-mxpr, 5.25in woof, 2-1in twtrs
VRSpr, 4.5in woofer, 2-2.5in tweeters, 12 lbs
VRS-PRO5.25in woof, 2.-2.5in twtrs, 16 lbs
VS-240pr, 4.5in woof, 12 lbs
VS-260pr, 6.5in woof, 18 lbs
Voyagerpr, 5.25in woof, 1in twtr