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Silver Oak Majorpowered, 4-10in woofs
Silver Oak Minorpowered, 2-10in woofs
Sub 1powered, 4-10in woofs
Sub 2powered, 2-10in woofs

Amplifiers & Receivers:Tube

A-2 200200w, 2ch
A-30650 lbs, 600w, stereo
AE-2520w, 2ch, class A
AE-25 sig20w, 2ch, class A
CAD-100100w tube monoblocks
CAD-120s80 lbs
CAD-120s mkII120w, class AB, 65 lbs
CAD-1250hybrid, monoblocks
CAD-150150w tube monoblocks
CAD-1610se55w monoblocks, 260 lbs
CAD-211 AE110w, mono pr, 6CA7
CAD-211 FE70w, mono pr, 300B, 180 lbs
CAD-211m250w tube monoblocks
CAD-2500150w, hybrid,
CAD-2500a150w, hybrid
CAD-280SA V12R
CAD-280sa, V12istereo, class a triode, ab
CAD-280sa-VR12r100w, mono pr
CAD-2a315w, SET monoblocks
CAD-2a3i15w, SET monoblocks
CAD-2a3i sig15w, SET monoblocks
CAD-2a3se5w, SET, mono pr
CAD-300B24w, SET
CAD-300SE LX20
CAD-300mb15w monoblocks, SET
CAD-300se12w, SET monoblocks, 64 lbs
CAD-300se sig12w, SET monoblocks
CAD-300sei15w, se int, 300B, 6SN7, 42 lbs
CAD-300sei LX2020w, integrated
CAD-300sse25w SET 300B monoblocks
CAD-301se14w, SET
CAD-308sa50w, hybrid
CAD-40m40w, monoblocks
CAD-40m mkII40w, monoblocks
CAD-40m sig40w, monoblocks
CAD-4545w, hybrid,
CAD-500class a
CAD-500MB500w, mono pr
CAD-505L50w monoblocks
CAD-50m50w monoblocks, triode
CAD-50m mkII80w monoblocks, ultra linear
CAD-50m sig50w monoblocks, triode
CAD-50sl50w monoblocks, triode
CAD-572se20w, SET monoblocks
CAD-75i75w, integrated
CAD-75ia75w, integrated
CAD-805 AE50w, mono pr, triode
CAD-805 Annivmono pr, 300b triode
CAD-805 sig50w, SET monoblocks
CAD-805b50w, SET monoblocks
CAD-805c50w, SET monoblocks
CAD-808,Rocket 8840w x2, 20w triode, 45 lbs
CAD-80m80w, class ab
CAD-84525w, SET
CAD-845sei25w, SET integrated
CAD-88sei20w, KT88 SET integrated
CAD-955tube, analog
CAD-99se17w, SET, mono pr
CAD-Ref50w, 4 monoblocks
Hercules power amplifier
PH-301phono stage, mm
SLA-3030w, 2ch, EL-84
SLA-70 mkII30w, black
SLA-70 sig42w
SLA-70b sig65w
SLA-8080w, 40w triode
SLAM-10095w, triode pr, push pull
SLI-3030w, integrated
SLI-5030w, integrated
SLI-8080w, integrated, 60 lbs
SLI-80 sig80w, integrated, 60 lbs
SLM-100113w monoblocks, 80 lbs
SLM-200200w, monoblocks, 200 lbs
SLM-7075w, monoblocks
SLM-70 sig75w, monoblocks
SixPac50w, 2ch, EL-34
Sweet 80770w, mono pr
V12100w, class A, triode
V12 r200w, mono pr, class A


CAD-5500tube, line stage only, 10 lbs
CAD-5500ptube, line stage only
CAD-5500stube, line stage only
PD-1passive line stage
PH-300phono stage
PH-301 mcphono stage, mc-mm
PH-301 mkIIwith mm-mc, class a triode
PH-302phono pre, 28 lbs
PH-302 mkIIphono pre, 22 lbs
SLP-03EH 12AU7, rs-232, 16 lbs
SLP-05line, bal xlr in-out, 40 lbs
SLP-2002remote, 6922, 5814, 25 lbs
SLP-30tube line stage
SLP-308dual triode, 15 lbs
SLP-30htube line stage
SLP-50tube line stage
SLP-50atube line stage, 3 inputs
SLP-50btube line stage
SLP-70with linestage
SLP-70ptube with phono
SLP-74ptube with phono
SLP-884 ins, 2 outs, 6SN7, 18 lbs
SLP-90Ltube linestage
SLP-90ptube with phono
SLP-94tube with phono
SLP-94Ltube linestage
SLP-98L5 inputs, 22 lbs
SLP-98p5 inputs, mm, 22 lbs