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Amplifiers & Receivers:Solid state

4040 mkII40w, int
4040 mkIII30w, int
4140 mkII40w, int, 11 lbs
424040w, int, 10 lbs
4240se50w, int, 11 lbs
433040w x 2, int, 12 lbs
4330r40w, int, remote, class AB
4330r mkIIint, remote
4330se40w, int, remote
505080w x 2, int
525050w x 2, int, remote, class AB
5250r50w, int, remote
5250se50w, int, remote, class AB
5350r75w, int, remote
5350se90w, int, remote, 18 lbs
5350se mkII100w, 2ch, int
6060100w, int
A-4250w x 2
A-4350w x 2, mosfet output
A-50i50w, int
A-5270w x 2, class AB
A-52se80w x 2, dual mono, class AB
A-52se MB275w monoblock
CAS-404035w x 2, int, 10 lbs
CAS-414040w, int, with mm
Classic 5350se90w, int, 18 lbs
Classic amp90w, 16 lbs
Destiny int100w, int, 22 lbs
Evo 280w, int, 19 lbs
Evo 5350120w, int, 19 lbs
Evolution 50a
OBH-11hp amp
OBH-11sehp amp, class A, 2 ch
OBH-15 MM/MC Phono
OBH-21hp amp
OBH-21 seheadphone amp, 5 lbs

Preamplifiers:Solid state

OBH-10remote volume
OBH-123 inputs, with remote, 5 lbs
OBH-15mm-mc, phono stage
OBH-18phono stage
OBH-22remote passive amp
OBH-8mm phono stage only
OBH-8sephono pre, 5 lbs
OBH-9mm-mc phono stage only
OBH-9semm-mc phono stage only
P-436 input, 2 output, passive
P-43r6 input, with remote, passive
P-52r6 input, 2 output
Wyndsor phonophono pre, 6 lbs

Integrateds:Solid state

Destiny 2
Evolution 100A


CAS-3040fm only, 7 lbs
CAS-4040twith fm only, 10 lbs
T-40with fm
T-42fm only, presets
T-43am-fm, remote, presets
T-50am-fm, digital