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Amplifiers & Receivers: Multi-Channel Amps

AVA-1000200w, 5 ch, class G

Home Theater: Processors

AVP-2006 ch, DD

Preamplifiers: Solid state

915class A, non-remote, 17 in, black
915s19 in, silver, mountable
94517in, black, with tuner
945s19 in, silver, rack mountable
DH-100 mkII
DH-110assembled, handles 2 tape decks
Iris PREwith mc, with remote
JF-200with active crossover
P-90with mm-mc phono board
SE-100no phono board, j-fet design

Amplifiers & Receivers: Solid state

913065w x 2, mosfet, 17 in, black
9130s65w x 2, 19 in, silver, rack mountable
9180105w x 2, mosfet, 17 in, black
9180s105w x 2, 19 in, silver
9270135w x 2, mosfet, 17 in, black
9270s135w x 2, 19 in, silver
9290145w x 2, bridgeable
9290s145w x 2, 19 in, silver
9300-THX150w x 2, transnova mosfet, 17 in
9300s150w x 2, thx, 19 in, silver
9500250w, transnova mosfet, 50 lbs
9500s250w x 2, transnova, 19 in, silver
9505250w x 2, bal in, bridgeable
9505s250w x 2, 19 in, silver
DH-12062w x 2, st-mono switch
DH-200100w x 2, assembled
DH-220200w, bridgeable, mosfet, 26 lbs
DH-300300w x 1, mono, assembled
DH-500255w x 2, assembled, fan cooled
JF-2000250w x 2, bridgeable
P-100050w x 2, stereo
P-150075w x 2, xlr inputs, lateral mosfet otpt
P-3000150w x 2, xlr inputs, mosfet otpt
P-4000200w x 2, xlr and phone inputs
P-7000350w x 2, thx, biamp mode
PRO-5000325w x 2
SE-12060w x 2, mosfet
SE-240120w x 2, mosfet
XL-280145w x 2, assembled, gold inputs
XL-600305w x 2, assembled, 16 mosfet otpts