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Wilson is a company conservative in business practice, radical in its culture of authentic excellence, and continuously relevant because of its deep focus on innovation and research. Wilson’s culture is built on this simple premise—we design and build the products we ourselves would want to own.

Wilson Audio products are designed to be used indefinitely, and are, in many instances, passed on from one generation to another. Wilson’s customer support continues to be the envy of the industry, with uninterrupted service of every product made during its over four-decade history. If your WATT/Puppy Series 3—made twenty years ago—needs a new driver, we can supply it. Wilson’s Certified Authentic program provides further reassurance that a Certified previously owned Wilson loudspeaker will perform like the day it was sold when new.


Wilson Certified Authentic™ Listings

You can be confident that when you buy a Certified Authentic™ Wilson speaker that it is just as good, no matter how old, as the day it was built. Learn more about our Certified Authentic™ speakers.

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