Abbey RoadREFErence sp.In association with EMI Abbey Road Studios, Moving Air Limited has produced ground-breaking results in cable technology. Using scientific principles and advice from some of the best engineers in th...1150.00

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In association with EMI Abbey Road Studios, Moving Air Limited has produced ground-breaking results in cable technology.

Using scientific principles and advice from some of the best engineers in the business Abbey Road has studied how cable affects the audio signal. Armed with those findings Abbey Road then set about producing what many believe is the best audio cable around.

Whether it is music production, film sound, or album mix; when you buy into Abbey Road Cable you are buying into authentic sound. Abbey Road Cables have really gone to the technological limits to get an astounding result. That result is a cable that works as if there is no cable at all. That means to have a cable that, in audio terms, is absolutely neutral, one that is truly transparent.

Abbey Road Cables is about your hi-fi sounding authentic. With Abbey Road Cable you know that at the heart of your system is the experience of BAFTA nominated dubbing mixer Dan Gable and the expertise of leading studio designer Michael Whiteside. And behind Abbey Road Cable is the confidence and unique experience of EMI Abbey Road's engineers, unparallel in professional recording.

Abbey Road Cables Reference:
Abbey Road's Reference Bi-Wire sets are made using two parallel sets of Reference Speaker cable. In the exacting environments that these cables are listened to using two individual two-core cables preserves the fast detailed reproduction of the cable.

Abbey Road Reference cable controls loudspeakers accurately across the full audio spectrum and into the very high musical harmonics to give outstanding detail, transparency and clarity.

Technical evolution:
The phase coherency of in-audible ultra-sonic components of sound dramatically affects how we hear hear the audiobile frequencies. Getting things to work well above the audio spectrum was the key to achieving a fast and relaxed, natural sound.

Having a fast cable is one thing; having it with consistent electrical properties is another. With our unique twin dielectric system we have achieved both. All dielectrics have an electrical 'absorbency' and act like a 'sponge' slowing down the audio signal. Our gas foamed polyethylene primary dielectric reduces this. A secondary dielectric of solid polyethylene gives low and consistent capacitance. The twin dielectrics work together to give both speed and accuracy.

Cable with a twist:
Abbey Road Cable’s characteristic starquad and pair twist has a purpose. Potential electromagnetic waves meet equal areas of positive and negative conductors causing them to cancel out the interference by phase reversal. This type of noise rejection does not use a screen. Without a screen, capacitance is reduced significantly. Capacitance affects imagery and muddies the signal. In short the less capacitance the better. We think it looks great too.

Our study of electromagnetic fields in cables led to the development of our ultra fine stranded silver-OFC hybrid conductor. Constructed to eliminate the usual parasitics of stranding, this conductor gives linear phase response across the full audio spectrum and beyond. Phase linearity and dielectric neutrality are the essentials behind the natural staging of Abbey Road Cable.

Conductors: 2x3mm, 784 copper-silver strand phase coherent hybrid
Primary dielectric layer: Olefinic/nitrogen foamed primary
Second dielectric layer: Solid polyethylene secondary skin
Lay: Orbital twist, 220mm lay length
Capacitance: 49pF/m, 15pF/ft
Resistance per conductor: 0.0054 ohms/m, 0.0016 ohms/ft
Overall jacket: Crystal clear PV
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