Acoustic RevivePOWER MAX 10000Acoustic Revive POWER MAX 10000 Hi-End Power Cable 3x5.5 sq. Any length & Prof Crimp ServiceAcoustic Revive Hi-End Power Cable POWER MAX 10000 made in Japan (NEW on factory reel). Increased sectional area for more than 60% compared to Acoustic Revive Power Standard 8800 Cable ! 3 x 5.5 ...150.00

Acoustic Revive POWER MAX 10000 Hi-End Power Cable 3x5.5 sq. Any length & Prof Crimp Service [Expired]

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Acoustic Revive Hi-End Power Cable POWER MAX 10000 made in Japan (NEW on factory reel). Increased sectional area for more than 60% compared to Acoustic Revive Power Standard 8800 Cable ! 3 x 5.5 mm (!) square Furukawa PCOCC-A conductors with Natural cotton damper material and Tourmaline contained sheath. My price is 150$ per meter. I have more than 30 meters of POWER MAX 10000 on full factory reels. Any other length by your request. After that I will create new listing for you and will accept your offer. Shipping cost for actual weight only. Also I can do professional crimp (with hydraulic press 12 ton) and do setup Furutech FP-209-10 24K Gold or Rhodium plated Spade Terminals (at extra charge). And I have original Acoustic Revive CSF-10 Carbon Shield if you will have an interest. I bought all my items, which you can see on Audiogon, for myself. I'm not professional seller. This is not business for me ! I bought at 2013 in Japan 100 meters of CSF-10 ($27/meter ) and 100 meters of Power Max 10000 ($156/meter) for big audio project in my country house. But now this project was stopped, so I sell these items. All this time (since 2013) the cable was kept in my house into dry and warm room. p.s. In my ultimate high-end audio system I use only this cable too. Next version of cable with PCOCC-A conductor (Acoustic Revive Power Sensual 18000) it's full analogue of Power Max 10000 with a little difference: into 18000 cable used silk vs cotton into 10000. If you want buy 18000 with twice price due to added 0.1sq mm of conductor, and if you think, that you can listening difference between cotton and silk dampers into POWER cable, I will have big smile ))) I'm not professional seller, but I am a professional engineer and the developer in the field of high-tech audio projects as Ultra Linear Power Amplifiers and 3D-Acoustic Systems of Live Sound. And when I bought AR 10000, I choosed the best cable for my system. I'm sure that 18000 modification it's product of marketing and other discussion of the differences between 10000 and 18000 it is not more than marketing too. As iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S :) ====================================================================== The cable sheath of POWER MAX 10000 is a special one which contains Tourmaline, developed and adapted by Acoustic Revive. Tourmaline is ore with slight potential, it generates negative ions which react on voltage and electrical waves, it also prevents and removes static electricity. By adopting This sheath containing Tourmaline for the outer sheath, POWER MAX 10000 generates negative ions when AC power is supplied, and prevents/eliminates the generation of static electricity to create a clearer power supply. Acoustic Revive also adopted a natural cotton as a damping material and creating a rapid improvement of the audible sense of relief by installing the air layer by cotton, and high sound quality with a feel of distinguished energy is created by the removal of electrostatic by using natural materials. For shielding, Acoustic Revive applied a current copper foil sheet that creates a 100% shielding effect. This prevents outbreak of stray electric current which realizes a much high quality sound with increased transparency and silence. Furthermore this eliminates the noise found in many other power cables that have meshed shielding (full of openings) that causes a straying electric current as well. On the outside of POWER SENSUAL, Acoustic Revive adopted a CSF tube (Mesh tube which contains a high level of carbon) to further improve shielding effect and the signal to noise ratio. IMPORTANT !! As you may aware of, PCOCC-A conductor has been discontinued and no more possibility to produce cables based on PCOCC-A conductor any more. Under the situation, Acoustic Revive also will stop the production of cables equipped with PCOCC-A. I have available some cable reels at a special discounted price for end production. Hurry up until they are available. Principle and structure: Epoch-making cable structure by joint development with OYAIDE ELEC Highest quality PSE acceptable power supply cable by cooperation development with OYAIDE ELEC. Adopted 5.5 square, very thick structured PCOCCA-A. It has an overwhelming conductivity. For sheath, three different hardness macromolecule polyolefin is used for effective vibration control. Assortment shield tends to destroy sound by straying electric current. Instead, Acoustic Revive adopted copper foil shied to stop outbreak of straying electric currect. ====================================================================== Gold-plated terminals Furutech FP-209 is available right now, Rhodium-plated by request. Set of terminals (Rhodium/Gold) 6 pieces is $35. Carbon shield CSF-10 is $30 per meter. For each meter of cable POWER MAX 10000 necessary ~1.25 meter of CSF-10, as it shrinks. Installation of 6 terminals and 3M shrink tube on cable (without halogens) is $60 Setting of Carbon shield CSF-10 is $10 per meter of cable POWER MAX 10000. Cable (assembly) with terminals (Rhodium/Gold) 1 meter: $150 + $35 + $60 = $245 Same with Carbon shield CSF-10: $245 + 1.25*$30 + $10 = $293 For 1.5 meters: 1.5*$150 + $35 + $60 = $320 Same with CSF-10: $320 + 1.5*(1.25*$30 + $10) = $391 For 2.0 meters: 2*$150 + $35 + $60 = $395 Same with CSF-10: $395 + 2*(1.25*$30 + $10) = $490 For 2.5 meters: 2.5*$150 + $35 + $60 = $470 Same with CSF-10: $470 + 2.5*(1.25*$30 + $10) = $589 For 3.0 meters: 3*$150 + $35 + $60 = $545 Same with CSF-10: $545 + 3*(1.25*$30 + $10) = $688 For 5.0 meters: 5*$150 + $35 + $60 = $845 Same with CSF-10: $845 + 5*(1.25*$30 + $10) = $1083
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