Cullen Cable 6 Foot Gold Series Power Cable Cullen Cable 6 Foot  Gold Series Power Cable  Made in the USA!If you are looking for a great performing Reference Gold Power Cable at an affordable price please continue reading... Up for your consideration is a 6 Foot Custom Power Cable made by Patrick Cu...123.00

Cullen Cable 6 Foot Gold Series Power Cable Made in the USA! [Expired]

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If you are looking for a great performing Reference Gold Power Cable at an affordable price please continue reading... Up for your consideration is a 6 Foot Custom Power Cable made by Patrick Cullen the name and hands behind Cullen Cable. Some brief background: for twelve years, I worked with my father Rick Cullen, the well-regarded owner of Cullen Circuits. Having grown up in an atmosphere of electronics and hi-fi, I was naturally drawn into the family business. I served my apprenticeship under my father and learned the proverbial ropes. From that vantage point I availed myself to a broad spectrum of electronic know-how. From there, I went on to manufacture cable and circuitry for many companies including PS Audio (we made the Mini Lab and Lab Cables, the archetypes for all PS Audio cables), James Bongiorno's Ampzilla, Arnie Nudell's Infinity and Genesis Technologies, BGW, Camelot, and many others. Having worked on countless products for these companies, I amassed tremendous experience in building cables and amplifiers and doing modification work—pretty much assembling any piece of high-end audio equipment. Now, I’m proud to present my own branch on the audio family tree—my Cullen Cables. Audio cabling has gotten ludicrously overpriced; my ethos at Cullen Cable is to produce audiophile quality products without the huge price tags. Cullen Cable is located in central California—where all products are hand built using only the highest quality materials. Power Cables these days are outrageously overpriced so I am offering you these Reference Gold Cables at an affordable price. They consist of three 10 Awg 99.99% Pure OFC Copper wires (41 individual 30 awg strands per wire) in one jacket spun in a rotation that helps reduce noise and RF and covered by black sleeving. These cables will compete with ones that are 4 to 5 times the price. They work really well with any equipment from DACs to Tube Amps to CD Players. They do not come in any fancy packaging but after you get them plugged into your system you will hear and or see amazing results. Satisfaction Guaranteed! I am now offering a 30 day money back guarantee. (Customer pays return shipping) Power Cable Features: 10 awg x 3 (99.99% OFC Copper Conductors) Super Flexible Polyethylene dielectric 30 Amp Rated Hand Built Made in the USA! Sonar Connector Features: 24 K Gold Plating over 99.99% OFC Red Copper on both IEC and Plug Both Connectors are Cryo Treated at -192 degrees for 48 Hours Super tight fit when plugged into IEC and Receptacles. Thank you for your interest I am just passing on these great cables at a fair price because all audiophiles deserve great Power Cables. Thanks for looking! I am asking $129 plus Actual shipping costs but there are no PayPal fees. All Cables are brand new and personally handcrafted by me in Paso Robles, CA. California residents please add sales tax. I can make custom lengths and 20 amp termination available upon request (2 feet and up) Email me with any Questions. I make many types of Power Cables let me know what you have in your system and I will recommend what will work best. Customer Feedback Greg Graff Said: "I have been trading power cables in and out of my system for many years. I think I have finally found some that do not add their own coloration to the music. I have had Shunyatas, PS Audio, VH Audio, Synergistic, Electraglide, Cardas to name just a few. All added their own flavorings to the sound. Patrick's cables get out of the way of the music and just let it flow. What is unbelievable is the price. At five times what he charges they would still be a steal. I have replaced all of my power cord with his and don't plan to change any time soon (unless he comes out with an improved cord). However, what really sold me on these was not just the sound, it was working with Patrick during the (multiple) purchases. He answered a number of unrelated questions about other components. Its great doing business with such a gentleman. For those of you who are trying to tune their system's sound with power cords, you may or may not like these. But if you are looking for the musical truth, you should at least try one out." Greg Graff Dan Gleason who purchased 2 - 6 foot Gold Series Power Cables Said: "Man oh man, the clarity of the mids and definition of low bass was extended and tighter. I went back and forth a few times with the same song to make sure I was not “thinking I was hearing it” and I feel comfortable with saying to anyone that it is a distinct audible improvement. I am totally impressed." Thanks Again! Patrick Cullen Cullen Cable Check Out my other Cables here on Audiogon or on my website. Like us on facebook for special offers, new products, and giveaways!