CULLEN CABLE 6ft CROSSOVERSERIES POWER CABLECULLEN CABLE 6ft CROSSOVER SERIES POWER CABLE MADE IN THE USA!I would like to introduce the All New Cullen Cable Crossover Series Power Cable. (this ad is for a 6ft.) Why do power cables sound different? After all, all they are doing is taking 120V 60 cycl...199.00


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I would like to introduce the All New Cullen Cable Crossover Series Power Cable. (this ad is for a 6ft.) Why do power cables sound different? After all, all they are doing is taking 120V 60 cycle current from the house wiring and transferring it to a component. Well there is more to it than just that. There are a number of factors which can change the "sound" of the power coming into the system. Theoretically, our house hold current is 120 volts and 60 hertz. In reality, radio frequencies in the kilohertz and megahertz range are also a part of what is coming in from the wall. The perfect power cord would filter all but the 60 cycle frequencies. This would include all of the harmonic off the 60 cycle signal. Additionally, they would be shielded from RF/EMI while going from the wall to the component. Last, since the power is alternating, it can cause micro phonics within the wire as well as at the connection points. My newest wire attacks these problems with a proprietary geometry which addresses both the external and internal RF/EMI questions as well as micro phonics. The results are a cable which allows amplifiers, pre-amps, powered subs, and DACs to perform at a much higher level than most power cords on the market. The Crossover Series Power Cable based on performance alone should sell for $1,000 plus, but the costs of this wire do not dictate that price point. The list price for this power cord is $299 for 6 feet and its sound is worth 5 times that price. However, since it’s new and I do not have the name recognition of Big Name manufacturers, I need to get the word out about this latest product. For a limited time, I will be selling these for $199. All I ask is when you try them; you provide feedback about the product on one of the audio blogs or here on Audiogon. Crossover Series Power Cable Info: The Crossover Power Cable is Cullen’s flagship. Completely hand-built from the ground up, the Crossover boasts the perfect blend of silver and copper. The result is a tube-like sound, free of any dullness or brightness. You will find yourself playing familiar tracks over and over, marveling at the new sounds previously masked by other power cords. Three wires, consisting of 12awg 99.99% pure silver-plated copper with Teflon dielectric, are braided to virtually eliminate all noise. The wires are then shielded with a 100% coverage tinned copper shield braid. The result is a dead-silent power cable. The shielded wires are swathed in Teflon wrap. Black Techflex sleeving finishes off the aesthetic. Available in 15-amp or 20- amp terminations (20-amp IEC connector is a Hubbell 320HC. Schuko Plugs are also available. Satisfaction is guaranteed I am offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. (Customer Pays Return Shipping.) Power Cable Features: * Military Spec Wire * 12 Awg 99.99% Pure Silver Plated Wires (Line, Neutral, and Ground) * Teflon Dielectric which provides an extremely Quick and accurate Power Cable * Available with a 15 Amp or 20 Amp IEC * 100% Shield Braid Coverage * Super Flexible * Completely Hand built from the Ground up * Made in The USA! Connectors: * 18k Platinum plating over 99.99% OFC Solid Red Copper On both IEC and Plug * Cryo Treated for 48 Hours at -192 degrees Thank you for your interest I am just passing on these great cables at a fair price because all audiophiles deserve great Power Cables. I am asking $199 plus Actual shipping costs but there are no PayPal fees. All Cables are brand new and personally hand crafted by me in Paso Robles, CA. California residents please add city appropriate sales tax. I can make custom lengths and 20 amp terminations are available upon request (2 feet and up) Crossover Series Power Cable Feedback: Hi Patrick, I have had a couple of weeks with your cable and must say it may be the single best value component that I have ever purchased. Fresh out of the box it sounded great and has only gotten better with time. I use it on my Sony SCD-1, cd/sacd player, replacing a PS Audio Plus 10 and I find it to be quicker, more tuneful with finer details and sense of space. Just goes to show you how important the power supply is to the audio single. While my system is very resolving I cannot imagine spending more and getting the same results. You have a clear winner. Thank you, John Shaw High Quality Power Cable for cheap... “Tried out a Cullen Cable Crossover Power Cable on my McCOrmack DNA-500 and it meets or exceeds the job done by cables costing way more. So, if you had the bug to try upgrading power cables but not willing to gamble the farm, might be worth a try. Will share my observations: Have both a Synergistic MC with MPC and a Kimber Palladian PK 10, both pretty to very expensive cables with different strengths that I have used with the McCormack. After a brief survey of musical styles (Dave Holland/Pepe Habichuela, Metheny/Scofield, Tedeschi/Trucks and Peter Case stuff), the Crossover has equal or more detail than the Kimber but with better focus and I get better balance and response at the frequency extremes than with the S MC. After a bunch of back and forth, had settled the S MC because it was fuller in the mids where the music's heart is (voices, sax, piano, guitar) and more 3D presentation and gave up deeper bass and extended highs of the Kimber, which seemed a bit hollow in the middle. Crossover seems to retain the rich middle and add the high and low end extension, have better focus and clarity than either of the above resulting in a better 3D/spatial presentation of the instruments in the recording space. This is with only 24 hours on the cable, others have said a 100 hours does some good. Cost was$175 versus the other two at like $500 and $1250. No, I don't do double blind, I have good ears. I have no relationship with Cullen other than customer satisfaction. Frank King Hi Patrick, “Just my thoughts on the Crossover Power Cables thus far……. IMHO the Crossover Power Cables are an outstanding value and the best regardless of price! The cable just gets out of the way of the music. A quiet noise floor, great image outlines with a wide and deep sound stage. Top end is open and extended without sounding bright, Midrange sound natural with a silky tube like quality, Bass is tight and extended. I have purchased 5 set from you thus far and still planning to purchase a few more.” Some other power cables I have used: Harmonic Technology: AC-10 and AC-1 Kimber Kable: PK-10 and PK-14 PS Audio: AC-10, AC-5, Prelude, Plus MIT: Z-Cord various models Nordost: Shiva, Thor and and Vishnu Thanks, Kevin Pabila Greetings, “Patrick Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the two Crossover PC's I bought from you a few months ago. They have improved substantially more after the initial 75 hour break-in period. Instruments are much clearer and better defined, timbres are more accurate, images are more holographic, and the high frequencies are extended and sweet. They have greatly reduced, if not removed, digititis, and LP's have never sounded better. When I upgrade to a new SACD player, I shall certainly purchase another Crossover PC.” Sincerely Norm Pratt “I never thought my other audiophile-grade cables were bad until I tried your crossover power cable. The sound now is the most balanced I've heard it along with a wider soundstage. My power cord search has ended. Thanks Patrick!” Scott Widmer Thanks Again for looking! Patrick Cullen Cullen Cable Check out our website for more info. Like us on facebook for special offers, new products, and giveaways!