Nordost OdinNordost  Odin Power Cables (Price further Reduced)Up for Sales is a Nordost Odin Power cable (1.5m). All my Odin cables were custom made according to specified length from original cable and reterminated with Furutech Top grade carbon fibre conne...4800.00

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Up for Sales is a Nordost Odin Power cable (1.5m). All my Odin cables were custom made according to specified length from original cable and reterminated with Furutech Top grade carbon fibre connectors which achieve better performance than the factory terminated cables. This is my last power cable in stock. The price has been reduced from $6000 to $4800. This is a great chance to buy a super power cable with the lowest price that has ever been listed on Audiogon. This cable has distinquish better sound quality compared with the Nordost Valhalla V1and V2 cables and many other top brand power cables including Siltech, Crystal and Transparent. You will achieve a great sound improvement that you have never been experienced before. Your whole system performance will be changed and upgraded instantly after you have used even only one of the Odin cable. You can't go back to any other cable. The reduced price is a great buy. Don't miss this opportunity to own a world known and is recognized as the top grade power cable with only one third of the original price. Find a dealer and compare the Odin cable with any other cables. You will get the answer. The cables have no original box, but it will be packed safely for shipping. The Odin Power Cord applies Nordost's latest TSC (Total Signal Control) technology to significantly advance the audio performance AC wiring. It uses six close tolerance 16AWG, 99.99999% oxygen free copper conductors, each covered by an 85 micron layer of extruded silver, suspended in a dual micro mono-filament matrix and enclosed in the TSC shield. The result is a new level of power transmission efficiency coupled to superb mechanical damping and rejection of external RFI/EM interference. The separate, solid-core conductors eliminate strand interaction, hot spots and other artifacts that can degrade performance, while the extreme precision with which the TSC tubes are manufactured and arranged ensures complete consistency in performance. Let Odin feed your system and get ready for improved noise floor and resolution, increased transparency, dynamic range and freedom from grain, more believable sound staging, more natural life and musical dynamics, a breathtaking range of tonal colours. Suddenly the music will step away from the system producing it, taking on a life of its own, becoming a real performance at all because the power on which your system depends is cleaner and arriving quicker. Add 4% for Paypal fee. A comment about the Odin cables quoted from the Hi Fi magazine:- The crazy thing is, that even on a whole system costing less than a single wire of Odin cables the benefits are so stunningly obvious! Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+ Issue 51 The following is a recent feedback received from one of my buyers:- Hi Simon, Reference is made to your “customized” RCA Odin interconnect VS Nordost RCA interconnect. My first impression when comparing your customized Odin interconnect VS the original Odin from Nordost is that your customized Odin cable is even more open and detailed than the original, - superb! (-may it be using the top of the line connectors from WBT; 0152AG). Please do not hesitate to contact me Simon if you need a reference person for your excellent customized Odin cables. Yours faithfully, Jan A. Wolstad
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