OMEGA MIKROLCX usedOMEGA MIKRO LCX  ACTIVE POWER CORD (Mapleshade)Omega Mikro LCX active power cord.Excellent power cable from sister company to Mapleshade.This is about 5 ft. long and the 100 watt version.Takes 9v batteries (not included) "We designed our 100-wa...368.00


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Omega Mikro LCX active power cord.

Excellent power cable from sister company to Mapleshade.

This is about 5 ft. long and the 100 watt version.

Takes 9v batteries (not included)

"We designed our 100-watt power cord for those components that consume between 30 and 100 watts average continuous power, i.e., CD and DVD players and transports, D/A converters, phono and line stage preamps, FM tuners, surround sound and video processors. But for components that consume 30 watts or less, e.g., phono motors and controllers, D/A converters, phono preamps and other very low power components, consider using our 30 Watt Planar Power Cord. Our beta testers have been blown away by the improvement even over our 100 watt power cords. See your owner’s manual to determine the power draw of your component or contact your manufacturer.

The 100-watt rating allows us to use ribbons one fourth as thin as our 900-Watt cords thus further reducing the smearing of skin effect. The dimensions and processing protocols for this ribbon are optimized for its 100-watt rating. Otherwise it uses the same shield, dielectric, AC and IEC plugs and multi-polymer dielectric as our 900-watt power cord.

For the 30-watt power cords we use 300 micro-inch ribbons, the same type ribbon we use in our Ebony interconnects but optimized for its 30 watt power rating. It will handle 60-watt peaks. Otherwise it uses the same shield, dielectric, AC and IEC plugs and multi-polymer dielectric as our 900-watt and 100-watt power cords.

Our 100-Watt active power cords use pure copper ribbons with optimized geometry and processing protocols to transfer power between the source of power and your components. Each ribbon is insulated using the same multi-polymer film used in our interconnects. We designed our AC plug to sound better than anything else we could find, including hospital-grade plugs and other such devices that use unnecessarily large amounts of bad sounding dielectrics.

Our silver-plated fine copper braid on the outside shields and protects without adding more dielectric. Our IEC socket uses minimal dielectric and compression connections instead of solder. The compression fittings float in their compartments so that they’re loosely coupled to the polymer dielectric and are mostly surrounded by air.

This combination of features assures that our power cords achieve the same high standards of time domain fidelity as our interconnects. Our 100-Watt Active Power Cords will make your low power components sound better than you’ve ever heard them. The 900W version is best suited for higher power applications like amplifiers and power strips. Please take the time to check your component's power consumption and also get the right directionality, RED or BLUE, for the best possible sound (discussed below and under 'Absolute Phase/Directionality' along with other helpful information on our home page). 

Our active power cords are identical to their passive counterparts except they use a 9-volt bias voltage from a battery and network supply box. The bias applied to the shield further reduces the residual smearing effects from our already minimal multi-polymer dielectric. With the reduction of smearing, the impact on the sound is immediately obvious; micro dynamics and transients are reproduced with greater clarity, backgrounds become blacker and more solid. Leading and trailing edges are more like live and have an excitement and presence you must hear to believe.

The battery/network box is finely crafted from bird’s eye or curly maple, which further contributes to clean sound and looks great too."


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