ShunyataTaipanShunyata Taipan C15 6ft.See my other ad for the 3 ft. model. This is a dynamic and fast cable and still not aggressive. Very balanced. Below is a review from Enjoy the Music. Of the two cords the Taipan is the flash...275.00

Shunyata Taipan C15 6ft. [Expired]

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See my other ad for the 3 ft. model.
This is a dynamic and fast cable and still not aggressive. Very balanced.  Below is a review from Enjoy the Music.
Of the two cords the Taipan is the flashy member of the clan. The hard, clear jacket allows you to see into the cord, an effect that never failed to get a reaction from visitors to the Warnke Snowshoe and Music Lodge. While interesting, a more important effect was the one it had on listeners ears. Whether placed singly or en masse in my system, the Taipan never failed to add energy to every part of the musical spectrum, and, significantly, it did this with a remarkably even hand. Remarkable because a great many other power cords reach for a similar effect but achieve it through frequency manipulation, most notably by tipping the highs, while the Taipan accomplishes it magic through top-to-bottom speed.

Now I am not the guy to explain wiring physics and so I cannot say if the reason the Taipan sounds fast is due to the low impedance design approach, specialized geometry or the phase of the moon, but I can tell you this, from the deepest bass to the highest treble the Taipan is pure Mercury. Musical wave fronts have an immediate and natural sounding launch while simultaneously retaining tonal color. Bass is tight from first impact to final decay while treble is clear, defined and equally well resolved. The all-important midrange is likewise, well delineated, speedy and accurate. If there is a tonal issue with the Taipan, it is that the apparent speed seems to, on occasion, slightly thin the harmonic overtones in a manner similar to if much lower in scale than that of solid-state amplifiers.

Of course, speed like this gives the Taipan a lively and dynamic character, but what it does not impart is an in-your-face aggressive tone. In common with other Shunyata Research products I have heard, the Taipan offers up a stage that sits at or just behind the speaker plane, and rather than cramming the musicians into your room, it opens a window into the recording space. It does this regardless of partnering components, but I need to offer a word or two of caution here about system synergy.

First, take the Shunyata Research marketing at close to face value. The Taipan is not for every system; most especially it is not a good fit in overly solid-stateish setups. There the speed of the Taipan seems to run right past overtones with a resultant wispy harmonic palette. The sound never veers into edgy, grainy or outright bright, unless the system itself is already too far to that side, so it seems to me that the Taipan is not so much adding to the sound as much as it is revealing the sound.

Second, and flowing from the above paragraph, the Taipan seems most comfortable powering tube based components. I tried it with Manley, Conrad-Johnson, Joule Electra, Cary and Zanden tubed amplifiers and with First Sound and Cary pre-amplifiers, all with superb results. As for sources, the Cary CD-308T, a 308 with a tubed output stage, liked it, but somewhat surprisingly, so did my old and highly customized Assemblage DAC-2. In each case the Taipan seemed to reveal the goodness and character of each component rather than to add a signature of its own.
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