Silver Power CordCarbon Fiber / RhodiumSilver Power Cord Carbon Fiber / Rhodium 11 AWG 2 MeterCustom made Silver/Teflon Power cord 2 Meter 11 AWG CRYO Treated HIGH CURRENT These cords feature 11 AWG gauge, Areo space Silver plated wire. You can not source better power cable wire ...249.00

Silver Power Cord Carbon Fiber / Rhodium 11 AWG 2 Meter [Expired]

no longer for sale

Custom made Silver/Teflon Power cord 2 Meter 11 AWG CRYO Treated HIGH CURRENT These cords feature 11 AWG gauge, Areo space Silver plated wire. You can not source better power cable wire than this. They are composed of over 1000 individual strands of silver wire for incredible flexibility. Each conductor is wrapped in premium grade TechFlex jacketing for an high end appearance and long service life. Each cable is hand braided before being mated to the Connectors. Top of the line Power Cord Patented woven 8 conductor silver wire, First of all, there is no other cable on the market at this price point that even comes close to these. No hype, No snake oil No voodoo. Pure, simple, outstanding cables with performance approaching the very best and most expensive audio cables on the market, for a fraction of the price. Well below what audiophiles normally expect to pay for superbly engineered and hand crafted components. Best Value of any cables available. All my cables are made by hand by me one at a time, I'm a small operation working at my home, with a small markup (40%) including labor. Unlike large cable manufactures which have a large overhead and typically charge 16 - 20 times cost. My mission is to the finest audio components, of the finest materials, at a reasonable price. The wire is MIL spec aerospace stranded silver plated copper wire, silver being the best conductor of electricity, Teflon insulation is very close to air resulting in very low capacitance which makes the cable suitable for any audio component as it will not contribute to instability,or absorb the signal. Teflon insulation is very thin resulting in a cable that is lightweight and flexible. This cable will not stress the jacks on your components, but is very large gauge. This configuration provides incredible imaging and detail across the entire audio spectrum, deep, tight, powerful bass, sweet transparent midrange smooth and linear high frequency response. This cable provides incredibly low resistance. For the braid,referred to as "Milloit braid," after Henry Albert Milloit who invented and patented this type of braid for the Perfection Mica Company back in 1960 (see patent no. 2,958,724). Kimber Kable was able to secure a patent on the exact same braid, which they trademarked as Orthogonal GyroQuadratic. However that patent is unenforceable due to the prior Milloit patent. Connector Specifications: ACROLINK CRYO Treated Plugs: Technology - 48 hours freezing treatment with Japanese professional refrigeration equipment to enhance the quality of conduction. Conductors are Rhodium plated pure copper. Rhodium plate processing brings silk like dedicated sound characteristics, which is very close to the sound characteristics of pure silver, while rhodium will not oxidized like silver and will look and sound great for years. Wire: 8 runs of 14 AWG silver plated copper Over 70 feet of wire used in construction Conductor Stranding 19/25 No. of Cond. 8 Nom. O.D. (in) 0.114 Nom. Insul. Thick. (in) 0.015 Approx LBS/MFT 23 Min. Temp -60°C Max. Temp 200°C Cond. Material Silver-Coated Copper Insul. Material Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) NEMA Type HP3 Type E NEMA# HP3-EXBLE Sleeved in Tec-flex carbon sleeving Shipping is a flat $13.95 USPS Email me with any questions, All the best, Mark