SILVER/Teflon Power CordSchukoSILVER/Teflon Power Cord Schuko 2 MeterSchuko SILVER/Teflon Power Cord 2 Meter 2 Meter Black Shadow Power Cord Silver / Rhodium First of all, there is no other cable on the market at this price point that even comes close to these...169.00

SILVER/Teflon Power Cord Schuko 2 Meter [Expired]

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Schuko SILVER/Teflon Power Cord 2 Meter 2 Meter Black Shadow Power Cord Silver / Rhodium First of all, there is no other cable on the market at this price point that even comes close to these. No hype, No snake oil No voodoo. Pure, simple, outstanding cables with performance approaching the very best and most expensive audio cables on the market, for a fraction of the price.Well below what audiophiles normally expect to pay for superbly engineered and hand crafted components. Best Value of any cables available. All my cables are made by hand by me one at a time, I'm a small operation working at my home, with a small markup (40%) including labor.Unlike large cable manufactures which have a large overhead and typically charge 16 - 20 times cost. My mission is to the finest audio components, of the finest materials, at a reasonable price. Wire Specifications: 4 runs Mil-spec Aircraft hook up wire, Braided 12 AWG silver plated copper Conductors Stranding 19/25 Insulation Material: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE This heavy-wall wire, rated at 1,000 volts rms or 3,000 volts DC, saves both size and weight compared with many other insulated wires of the same rating. Suitable for broad-frequency use at elevated temperatures in high-reliability programs where electrical and thermal stability are important.The wire is MIL spec aerospace stranded silver plated copper wire, silver being the best conductor of electricity, Teflon insulation is very close to air resulting in very low capacitance which makes the cable suitable for any audio component as it will not contribute to instability,or absorb the signal.Teflon insulation is very thin resulting in a cable that is lightweight and flexible.This cable will not stress the jacks on your components, but is very large gauge. This configuration provides incredible imaging and detail across the entire audio spectrum, deep, tight, powerful bass, sweet transparent midrange smooth and linear high frequency response.This cable provides incredibly low resistance. Connector Specifications: Schuko / IEC Plugs The basic material is deoxidized phosphor bronze (1.4mm thick) for strength and secure contact. When connected, they can take over 7kg load. Surface is thoroughly polished twice. Plating: The plating is a combination of silver and rhodium which were selected as a result of repeated listening tests. The inner silver layer is 1.5 microns thick and the outer rhodium layer is 0.3 microns thick. Body: 30% glass filled PBT has excellent machine-ability and provides superior electrical isolation. The highly rigid body effectively attenuates high-speed vibrations. All screws, which were are made of highly rigid stainless steel which is non-magnetic substance. Moreover, the cable cannot be separated from the plug by a force less than 30kg, a significant safety feature. Stainless screws: The screws of P/C series are all made of highly rigid stainless so its screw head doesn't collapse even if you give them too much strength. In addition, because it is non-magnetic material, it helps to achieve hign S/N ratio without being magnetized at its conection part. Outer cover: The outer cover is made of PC(PolyCarbonate) for its rigidity and hardness. Shipping Worldwide, at Cost