TelwirePower Cords 5ftTelwire Power Cords 5ftThis has been in a dedicated listening room driving very efficient speaker (Horning Hybrid) via a TRON front end (Phone + Pre) and 20k TW-acustic SET amps . I have barely moved the volume bar passe...650.00

Telwire Power Cords 5ft [Expired]

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This has been in a dedicated listening room driving very efficient speaker (Horning Hybrid) via a TRON front end (Phone + Pre) and 20k TW-acustic SET amps . I have barely moved the volume bar passed the 9 'o clock mark as my room is fairly small.   

The cables are in excelent condition. I am the first and only owner  

I have 2 pairs (1 - 5ft Cord & 1 - 6 ft Cord) for 650.00 each. Shipping is a flat $25 in the lower 48. PayPal fees not included.

If you buy both cords, It will be $1250  including shipping. 

The Tel Wire Cord utilizes the finest materials currently available. Featuring a state of the art, Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast conductor and what are widely thought to be the best AC plug and IEC connector made: The Oyaide 004 with beryllium copper base metal, platinum & palladium plating, finished with Oyaide’s exclusive polishing process. The combination presents a clarity unmatched by lesser choices.

The Tel Wire Cord further employs a self-shielding geometry to keep the noise floor exceptionally low, and a special sleeving chosen for its durability and capacity to reduce micro-vibrations.

The result is a power cord that is remarkably neutral and exceedingly transparent, besides being highly flexible, allowing for whatever component it is used with to reveal its highest level of performance.


***Dave Clark from Positive Feedback Online Issue 47***

I find that this cord can be quite magical on either the Ayre QB9 or the Playback MPS-5 where it makes the two players sing quite musically right. Not that either require the additional bloom in at the bottom end as either are quite fine in this respect, but the sense of organic rightness with the Tel Wire is very engaging. But, sheesh man, with the Tel Wire on the QB9 being feed tunes from my MacBook… wow, simply too many times dancing around and not getting my work done-this setup/combo really makes music! Of course that is what it’s all about… isn’t it?



***Bruce Kinch from Positive Feedback Online Issue 39***

The results were incontrovertible. Overall, the Tel Wire was superior to all my other power cords in every case…..the improvements were in perceived clarity, tonal texture, increased air, dynamics, and stage depth. The results with source components were particularly striking.



***Dr. Bill Gaw from Enjoy the Oct. 2008***

Compared to the several times more expensive Silent Source cables that I presently use on the digital equipment, the sound is somewhat more open and transparent with slightly more and tighter bass, giving somewhat more feeling of space… On analog source components and low wattage single ended tube amplifiers there was no discernible difference between them and the above cables.



***Ryan Coleman from Positive Feedback Online Issue 37***

The thing about the EMM CDSA is that I find the product so damn good in its overall tone and harmonic presentation that cabling, usually employed by audiophiles as tone controls for flawed electronics, needs to be as unobtrusive as possible. Given that I didn’t want to upset the delicate and ideal balance I was hearing, I found the best cord for the job was newcomer Tel Wire’s sole offering ($799). While being exceedingly neutral throughout the midrange but with excellent extension at the frequency extremes, the cord is also highly flexible and very light, allowing for more effective isolation of horizontal and vertical vibrations, a pursuit which paid big dividends for my playback as I mentioned earlier.



After using the new Tel Wire pc on my amp for a few weeks, I placed it to either one of my digital players (NAD T585 SACD player, and Cambridge Azur 840C CD player) from the wall outlet. The pc used previously was the LessLoss DFPC. I noted several important improvements (A/B and long-term listening), but the best was that there was not one area where the LessLoss had an advantage over the Tel Wire. The Tel Wire was smoother AND more detailed with a more relaxed presentation. It was just that more inviting and easy to listen with. The results were repeatable, and predictable. The Tel Wire pc is the most flexible I have used by far.

-Dadsears, Audiogon-


After weeks of listening tests comparing the Tel Wire to the Synergistic Research T2 power cord on my Ayre CX-7e CDP, I have concluded that the Tel Wire betters the T2 in several important ways. First, the sound of my system with the T2 had a (very) small amount of grain in vocals that is not present with the Tel Wire. The Tel Wire cord is smooth and extremely detailed from top to bottom. Second, the Tel Wire allows my system to reproduce “air” around the kick drum that has never been present before and is not there with the T2. Third, the definition and tunefulness of acoustic and electric bass is superior with the Tel Wire cord. Both cords excel in transparency and soundstaging, allowing my system to disappear, but the Tel Wire tops the T2 in the above areas in my extremely revealing system.

-Dave, crossram2x4, Audio Asylum-


TelWire cord on Modwright SWL 9.0 Signature

Reviews of newcomer TelWire cord looked interesting and I ordered one of those (which comes with the Oyaide P-004/C-004 as standard) – to throw into the mix for my listening tests. After burning in for a week and listening on source and Modwright it came out on top on each of these components (vs. Black Sand Violet Z1s with Oyaide 004 & Grover Huffman pc with Oyaide 004), so I ordered another one before the intro price of $399 ran out (that was for a 5-footer and I got 6-feet cords at $429 each). The TelWire seems near perfectly neutral and balanced across the sonic spectrum – with better bass and more midrange body, and tone/timbre just sound more realistic to me. The frequency extension both high and low is superb and everything comes out of an even blacker silence. The TelWire cord is extremely flexible.

-rlmacklin, Audiocircle-



(From AA post)RE: LessLoss or Alan Maher Studio Reference

IMO the Tel Wire beats them both… and I’ve heard all three in my system.

-Tony Chipelo, Clio09, Audio Asylum-



I really like your cord. I’ve compared it to the Audience, VH Airsine and Lessloss. Your cord somehow combines all the best qualities of these three cords with none of their “distractions”. It has just the right amount of everything without sounding electric.Contrary to what I’ve read, the Tel Wire is outstanding on my 90 watt tube amp. I’ve not had any battery powered components but I imagine that what I hear with your cord is what a component with a near perfect power source would sound like.

-Jack Kohl, Gooddomino, Audiogon-


I replaced the Wireworld Electra lll with the TEL wire PC on the amp, all of the the above mentioned anomolies disappeared and in it’s place was a purity and soundstage prowess that is phenominal while still retaining the musical PRaT.

I know that it takes whole system synergy to achieve this level of musical reproduction and the TEL Wire PC has more than proven itself worthy to be included in any world class system.

-kenster, Audio Asylum-



So, how does it sound? My first observation invoked an impression of “black velvet”; ultra smooth, silky, elegant, very open sounding (especially the upper mids and treble); with an extended, full-bodied bottom end that matches the sonic signature of other Oyaide Beryllium AC products such as the stellar sounding, state of the art R1

-Duster, Audio Asylum-



I have had a Telwire power cord for a month or so now and it sounds wonderful on my refurbished Pilot EL84, 17 watt tube integrated amp. It bested a couple of other well-known brand cords. The cord, on initial listen, sounds better than most cords when new. However, after about 150 hours, the highs and lows become fully extended and the midranges really start to fully flesh out. This is a very muscial cord when matched to the right component. This cord is as close to neutral as any cord that I’ve ever listened to, with very little of a “house” sound. 

 -Sherod Mengel, Sherod, Audiogon/Audio Asylum-



I’m using two Tel Wires to power my CTC BBQ amp (essentially a single chassis version of the Parsound JC-1 monoblock SS amps). I’ve tried a number of different cables on this amp – Elrod EPS-3S, the “old style” FIM silver and gold level PCs, TG Audio SLVR and a few others… point here is that in this particular “high current” application the Tel Wire cords are the best I’ve personally tried.

-Larry Parsons, LarBo, Audio Asylum-



Prior to leaving tomorrow to Singapore, I had a long session yesterday and today in my system with your power cord and honestly speaking, it is unbelievably good. I had never heard my system sounding so good. You can see my posting in audioasylum about my initial impressions. Thank you for making such a wonderful product, whether your design, or the copper and insulation, or the Oyaide connectors, or the sum total.

-G. Chidambaram, Chidambg, Audiogon-


Right now my system is sounding darn good and I’m really enjoying just listening 

-Ted Smith, Audio Asylum-


The TEL Wire power cord is a downright steal for the asking price. 

-kenster, Audio Asylum-


I replaced my Stealth M5000 and Dream Digital with these power cords.

-Tony Chipelo, Clio09, Audiogon/Audio Asylum-


I auditioned the DCCA Reference One recently. When compared with a Tel Wire Cord on my preamp, the Tel Wire created a larger and more lifelike image.

-Tvad, Audiogon-

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