WyWiresJUICE II - SilverWyWires JUICE II - Silver NEWYou owe it to yourself to try at least one WyWires Juice II Power Cord in your system. The Juice II is guaranteed to provide you with the following improvements: Greater extension of highs and lows...300.00

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You owe it to yourself to try at least one WyWires Juice II Power Cord in your system. The Juice II is guaranteed to provide you with the following improvements: Greater extension of highs and lows � You�ll be surprised at how low your speakers can really go. Increased detail and nuance across the entire frequency spectrum � You�ll experience newly discovered delicacy that was previously masked. Improved sound stage in all dimensions. � Provides a cavernous sense of space and a majestic presentation of orchestra. Provides excellent image focus and accurate placement of instruments within the sound stage, even at the very back of the venue. Here's what Patrick Dillon wrote in the current issue of HiFi Zine: "First, for me, the Juice II power cords are as good as anything I’ve tried on the PS Audio front end. This is likely a result of the PS Audio PWT/PWD’s relative immunity to cords once a certain standard is met but if you told me to keep the Wywires there and never use another cord, I would not object. Given I really enjoyed the effect of the Wywires on my older Denon 2900 and Parasound DAC 2000 Ultra, I’d say these are a great choice of power cords for front end digital gear. As I mentioned in my review of the Perreaux integrated in October 2011’s issue, these cords are also a synergistic match with that amp, so whatever Wywires are doing with their power cords, it’s working. So, I conclude that with power cords, the Wywires are as good as it gets on the front end, and will cost you a lot more money to improve upon at the amplification stages." Here are some customer comments on the Juice II: "After reading about these new Juice 2 pc's and making a request to hear one. Alex was kind enough to send me one of his Juice 2 power cords to have a listen. The juice 1 was a good power cable but to me was situational. It was good at powering all the little nuances of the sound stage. It did things that were really interesting in bass output. It had a way of getting the bass off the floor that allowed you to get a full feel of the note octave. It didn't have big bass drive though. My original comment was quality over quantity. What held the cable back imo was a colored response that sort of brushed it self over the entire sound stage. You either liked it or not. For me it was a toss up on my own personal pros and cons scale. The juice 2 on the hand is a great little darling of a cable. It has all the response and and resolution of a great neutral playback cable. Everything i liked about the original Juice wasn't tampered with. Intact was the organic Wywire cable sound that i have grown to love less that signature colored cable sound that came with the original juice. It really is a must have power cable and at $239.00 i don't mind saying that. This is a digital cable......This is also a power amp cable. This cable will power the whole Enchilada of components (unlike the juice 1 imho). As much as i liked it on power it did equally well on my bdp1. Whether it be power or not you hear great enthusiastic high frequency thats neither shrill or fatiguing and yet very resolving. For those that are cable skeptics its cheap enough to be able to let your guard down and still have a cable that will baby sit your sound stage while you maintain your naysay attitude on power cables. So do yourself a favor and go get one." Lorne B. "I plugged the power cord into my Class D amplifier and replaced a high purity solid core copper triple braided power cord that sells for $350 retail. The results were nothing less than miraculous, it was if i had just upgraded to 3D on my stereo system. The music has taken on a 3 dimensional sound like never before, I can hear echo's in the instruments and fading sounds of instruments crystal clear. I have a new increase of resolution and air around instruments like never before. I have ribbon tweeters and the sparkle and air around cymbals is really cool. The sound stage has taken on a new dimension as well. I have instruments floating in mid air all over the place, fading in and out with crystal clear clarity. And the depth of the sound stage has increased and is like a concert hall.I had experienced some of these same qualities with the original cord but the WyWires took these traits to a whole new level. Bass guitar has a reverberation i have never heard before, critical listening is on another planet!!" Keith N. "I immediately heard this cable as the WyWires signature sound I'm familiar with, since living with these cables the last 3 months. Airy, smooth, beautiful separation, excellent depth perspective, natural timbre, that WOW live quality, and just nice flow to the music. NO break-in required from what I am hearing. I have no complaints.With the �Juice� enabled Pathos now everything is, I don't want to say enhanced, it is, let�s say enriched further. Nothing is over blown or too much of a good thing. This power cable must be heard. The changes are not subtle". Dennis N. The Juice II is a refinement of the original WyWires Juice where we transitioned the design of the original to the WyWires patent pending Asymmetrical Litz Geometry, yielding a huge improvement over the original. We offer a 30 day risk free guarantee. Please email or call us to discuss your system, what you are looking to improve and to talk about how Wywires can work with you toward your ultimate goals in the enjoyment of music. Also available in a European version with Schuko input. Please visit our website for customer comments, links to reviews and information on our growing dealer network. If there is no WyWires dealer in your area, please feel free to contact us directly at 818 981 4706. The price above is for a 4 foot cord. Longer lengths are charged at $32.00 per foot. We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee.
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