AudienceAR-12Audience AR-12 w/6ft. powerChord SEHello Friends, My name is Alex and I am an employee of Audience-AV. What is up for sale is a used aR-12 and 6' powerChord SE from my personal system. I am listing this unit in an effort to rai...1350.00

Audience AR-12 w/6ft. powerChord SE [Expired]

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Hello Friends,

My name is Alex and I am an employee of Audience-AV. What is up for sale is a used aR-12 and 6' powerChord SE from my personal system. I am listing this unit in an effort to raise money for a close family member who is going through financial hardship.

Feel free to make an offer. Every fair offer will be considered!

The aR-12 high resolution power conditioner provides superior power protection. All Audience power conditioners are designed to have the lowest DC resistance as possible. The aR-12 is no exception. Every design aspect has been taken into careful consideration to ensure clean power and superior component protection without sacrificing dynamic response.

Surge Protection- Surge protection on the aR-12 is provided not by an MOV (metal oxide varistor), which is sacrificial and introduces all kinds of unwanted noise into the line, but instead by a gas tube system that stays entirely out of the line until protection is needed. This key difference is crucial to providing the best protection available without sacrificing dynamic response.

Power Filtration- The aR-12 filters out RF and EMI and suppresses transient noises. The end result is crystal clean power with a very low noise floor and improved low level resolution. In addition, sound stage presentation will be much more accurate and pleasant overall.

Component Isolation- Another great feature of this unit is the filtration on the outlets themselves. Each outlet is individually filtered and double filtered from every other outlet providing maximum component to component isolation. With the aR-12 there is no need to worry about isolating digital components from analogue, or power amps from pre amps. You can easily power an entire audio/video system using this conditioner.

6' powerChord SE- The Rhodium plated copper US plug provides high levels of power with minimal impedance and superior sound quality. In addition, the locking powerCon connector ensures solid contact at all times. The powerChord SE also rejects noise and interference and radiates much less energy than comparable power cords. This cord is the perfect match for the aR-12 as it will provide you with plenty of power under all demands and comes in a flexible and durable design. This powerChord SE is backed with an Audience lifetime warranty.

The aR-12 is in good condition cosmetically and perfect condition operationally. I have no doubt this unit will provide you with years of enjoyment, as it has done for me.

Regarding Shipping- I am happy to cover ground shipping costs to the United States and Canada (you pay customs). If you would like these items shipped outside of these areas then shipping and any Customs duties will be paid for by the Buyer.

This unit comes complete from Audience headquarters in San Marcos with new packaging, the latest documentation, and contact cleaning solution...everything you need to get closer to the music.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have on this unit. I look forward to finding a new home for this fantastic aR-12 and powerChord SE.

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