AudienceaR6-TSSOX (Silver)Audience aR6-TSSOX (Silver) - Newest Model - Ultimate Performance!!!Offered here for sale is a like new (fully loaded and just received from Audience a couple months ago) top of the line Audience aR6-TSSOX power conditioner in silver. This is Audience's latest mode...3795.00

Audience aR6-TSSOX (Silver) - Newest Model - Ultimate Performance!!! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Offered here for sale is a like new (fully loaded and just received from Audience a couple months ago) top of the line Audience aR6-TSSOX power conditioner in silver. This is Audience's latest model and newest introduction and you can have it now for thou$and$ less than if you ordered one or purchased one elsewhere!

This aR6-TSSOX is offered in the desirable, nice looking silver chassis. As there are many wonderful power cords available on the market from which to choose and each of us has our own preference, this unit will come with a Neutrik Powercon to 15amp IEC adapter - this way you can use any 15amp IEC power cord of your choice and not pay additional $ for a power cord you may not desire. This option gives you the greatest flexibility at the best price.)

Thank you for your consideration. Payment methods accepted are PayPal (+3%), wire transfers, bank cashier's check, personal check (after payment clears).

Will ship within the lower 48 US States. Please contact me if you'd need the power conditioner shipped elsewhere.

Background Info:

The “O” part of the upgrade designates the use of OHNO oxygen-free continuous cast copper (OCC), 6 nines purity mono-crystal wiring throughout. This is Audience’s top of the line AC power wire design specifically applied for the internal wiring of Audience power conditioners. It yields improved resolution, greater musical “speed” and immediacy and better sound-staging.

The “X” designation indicates the use of new rhodium plated copper internal contacts in the AC outlets. The copper contacts provide the very highest conductivity and the quality rhodium plating prevents oxidation of the copper. These high conductivity receptacles improve virtually every aspect of a system’s audio reproduction.

Further, all new Audience power conditioners now have gold plated copper forks to connect the power conditioners’ filter capacitors to the AC duplex outlets. This construction replaces the previous tin plating-over-copper forks. The new forks provide a noticeably more refined musical presentation.

Adept Response uses only the finest conducting, filtering and transient suppression components. Even the power switch is exceptional, a very high quality magnetic circuit breaker. The advantage over thermal circuit breakers is that thermal breakers increase in resistance as power demand increases, causing heat dependent, resistive modulation of the incoming voltage. This effectively reduces the power available to your equipment just when you need it most. The design employed in the Adept Response provides for the most natural flow of music.

The state of the art inductive components used in the Adept Response power conditioner add no significant series resistance. This maintains a low impedance power path to your playback system. Also, the Adept Response performs partial power factor correction. This helps restore natural dynamics by bringing the AC voltage and current into a better phase relationship allowing a more efficient transfer of power. With the Adept Response as your power conditioner all aspects of the audio/video performance are greatly improved. Your playback system will no longer be starved of clean high quality power. The result is realistic, beautiful audio and stunning video resolution.

Each of the 6 outlets is individually filtered and double filtered from every other outlet providing maximum component to component isolation. An entire audio or video system can easily be powered by the same conditioner, including everything from digital components and phonograph preamplifiers to power amplifiers. This extensive noise filtering creates a lower noise floor and improves low level resolution, providing superior sound stage presentation. Power amplifiers plugged into the Adept Response display increased dynamics and perform as if they were more powerful.

Comes with Power Factor Correction, RF/Noise Filtering

and Transient Suppression