Core Power TechnologiesEqui=CoreCore Power Technologies Equi=Core Balanced Power Conditioning power cords @ 15% offAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST thru PayPal A New Day for AC Powered Audio Equipment – Enter Core Power Technologies Fully Balanced Power Cord/line Conditioners Bal...425.00

Core Power Technologies Equi=Core Balanced Power Conditioning power cords @ 15% off [Expired]

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Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS OR INTEREST thru PayPal                 

A New Day for AC Powered Audio Equipment – Enter Core Power Technologies Fully Balanced Power Cord/line Conditioners 

Balanced power is considered by many to be the best way to clean power lines. The Equi=Core power cords are more than just power cords. They are also fully balanced line conditioners. They offer state of the art performance and compete with hi end cords selling for $2000-$3000.00. At our Internet Direct pricing and intro sale of 15% off they are amazing values.

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In the StereoTimes review Greg Voth said:

"Upon hearing the EQUI=CORE 300 for the first time, I wrote Schifter the following: ‘Magnificent sounding! It ain’t coming back ;- ) "I had a feeling it wouldn’t be. Congratulations!" he responded. I have since installed the EQUI=CORE into my main rig and it handles just about everything with ease."

They also said:

"With the EQUI=CORE, everything seemed so much more three-dimensional and effortless, and was stunned to hear small cues all throughout that I’ve never heard before – tiny the micro dynamics like instrument keys clicking and such. The presentation sounded SO much bigger and more dynamic, with deeper and more enveloping bass and a much deeper soundstage… and all this from a CD rip! The noise floor dropped noticeably lower, yielding a deeper blackness from which the sound could emerge."

Read the review at:

Latest review on the Core Power 300:
The Audiophile Forum  July 9 at 7:30am ·

I couldn't wait. I can't hold out until tomorrow! What I'll be writing about, is the Core Power Technologies EQUI=POWER 300.

So, where do I start? Let's start with transparency. Listening to Adel 21 right now, and the transparency is FREAKING AMAZING! Listening right now at 9:55am! Meaning what?!?? Well, for one, you have noise coming through your electrical power (outlet). What the EQUI=CORE does (and is supreme at it) rids the electrical noise, meaning humming, static, as well as ground loops in the electrical wiring! I've never heard such realism! NEVER. EVER BEFORE! Let's put it like this. For those who say that the Schiit Bifrost Über has nothing on something such as a much more expensive DAC (think Gungnir?), then you've never used ANYTHING like the EQUI! The music is purely noise free, as well as detail being beyond incredible!!! I can listen to music anytime of day, and the quality of audio never degrades! Now, accuracy is just impressive. The music is so damn good, that I would think that I'm listening to a system worth 2x more expensive! For the music in general, I feel that I'm not on the outside listening in! In other words, I feel like I'm actually at a live performance! Not listening to headphones, but actually in person hearing Adele's beautiful voice 😚😌 let's think about it like this. If your listening to a system that's going balanced, then you already know how much better the music is! Well, the EQUI=CORE is giving me balanced power! No distortion, no hum, NO NOTHING! I was listening to Adel 21 last night, and for the first time, I actually heard my tubes humming! (RCA 6AG5 driver tubes). That's how incredible the EQUI=CORE is! The noise floor is lowered dramatically. I hear nothing but the music, and Total Hormonic Distortion (THD) is significantly reduced! The background is black, and I'm hearing nothing more than just the music 😎 for an asking price of more than half of what you'll pay for a power conditioner, THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! (and need). I have no desire at all for the Bifrost MultiBit DAC upgrade. If someone tells you your DAC, or equipment sucks (they have no idea), then they better get the EQUI=CORE, BEFORE THEY COMMENT! So in final words, yes! You need this! You've never heard great sound, not until you've connected this baby to your equipment! Just amazing! My score? 10/10!

Read it here:

Introducing the Equi=Core 50/150 and 300 models of fully Balanced Power Cable Systems. These are remarkable products born directly of science and delivered in an affordable and robust package designed for your audio/video or computer system needs.

Here are some early user feedback's:

1) Hi Mark & Walter, Just a quick note on my experience of the Equi-Core 300. When it comes to power conditioners, power cords etc., I have always felt there is a large snake oil factor involved. Boy was I wrong!

The difference was profound. All of a sudden voices (especially female) had more presences. The highs were smother with a shimmer I hadn’t heard before. Over all the music just seemed to bloom.

Placement in the soundstage was holographic. The biggest improvement was with my turntable. Magical!! I know this is your proto type but giving it back to you is difficult. You can’t un-hear something.  Just be sure when production starts I get the first one.

2) Walter, Finally got the Equi-Core installed and gave a favorite record a few spins. Wow. Noticeable improvement... In a word, everything is crisper. Sharper. Soundstage seems bigger and deeper, with zero noise between tracks. Guitars and female vocals seem more alive. I am impressed.  CS

3) Hi Mark, Woooooooooooo Duuuuuuuuuuddde!!!!!!!!!!!

Immense sound. Incredible depth. Not a subtle difference. Real music. Big bass.

I don't know what to say...........except I doubt if this damn thing (Equi=Core PC) you made is ever leaving my system. We can discuss finances after the 2 year burn-in period ;).....kidding

I didn't rerun my cables. I slapped it in lickety split.....not the most patient man.

I can't wait for this E=C to burn in. When it really opens up............

I'm listening to a 192khz Duke Ellington-Afro Bossa recording. Lots of very cool instruments and percussion...........really enjoying.

I'm laughing....and happy for you. I have a friend who would really like this.

Thank you, Fran

Balanced Power as a technology has been proven to improve system performance on many levels; lower noise, eliminate hum and offer a finer degree of available resolution component to component – not to mention a degree of added protection. The problem to date is these devices have been very expensive, cumbersome and limited to the overall power spec of the device. You exceed the available power and no dice – system overload.

At CPT we have looked at this very closely and we believe that the best way to manage this problem is to offer a singular Balanced Power Cable System at precisely targeted power needs (read limits) and do so with the finest components built for their given prices. The entire Equi=Core family affords reliable and repeatable Balanced Power to your given power need.

There are three models, each with their own Max Power Spec. We urge you to use the one that best fits your component needs. Each model works just the like the rest – the only difference is the MAX POWER you may use with each Balanced Power Cable System.

You can as well use multiple products with a single Equi=Core, but you will need a handy plug strip like the WireWorld Matrix.

Max Power as in the model number as below:

All have a 2.5 foot cord from the wall to the unit


$499.00 w/2.5 foot cord, $549.00 w/5.5 foot cord, $599.00 with 8.5 foot cord


$599.00 w/2.5 foot cord, $649.00 w/5.5 foot cord, $699.00 with 8.5 foot cord


$799.00 w/2.5 foot cord, $849.00 w/5.5 foot cord, $899.00 with 8.5 foot cord

The new Equi=Core 1200 and 1800 8 outlet balanced conditioners are just starting to ship and also on sale. Call to discuss them both at 770-667-5633

Call us to discuss these state of the art line conditioning power cords. 

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