Exact Power SystemsEP15a Exact Power Systems EP15a  with upgraded outletsThe power supplies in your equipment only draw current off the peaks of the sine wave so why regenerate the whole wave like all the others do Regenerating the whole wave becomes very inefficie...849.00

Exact Power Systems EP15a with upgraded outlets [Expired]

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The power supplies in your equipment only draw current off the peaks of the sine wave so why regenerate the whole wave like all the others do Regenerating the whole wave becomes very inefficient and causes what is called an input impedance lag causing anything plugged into them to sound the same .. your components lose their individual character and everything sounds the same I've owned the following active power conditioners ... Tice Power Block and Titan .. Tice model 3 ... Applied Power AP116 .. early Bybee's ... and all the MIT Z series ... the Exact Power EP15a was the only conditioner that has allowed me to enjoy my system at mid day without distraction I am original owner ... unit has no buzzing .. humming or display issues ... used sensibly and never over loaded Unit is black with some scratches on top cover and bottom from vibration control devices ... Rated at 15 amps (1800 watts) but best kept to around 1200 to 1300 watts and you'll never have any issues ... this unit does not have the cap upgrade nor does it need it if you load it sensibly The EP15a corrects for under and over voltage and corrects only the peaks of the sine waves on a fly with no lagging as in other regenerators that convert the wall AC to DC and then back to AC again Other regenerator use a class A/B amp at the output which makes them only 60% efficient ... the original PS Audio P300 could hardly put out 150 watts ..the P600 output 300watts and the P1200 was only capable of 600 watt output TheEP15a uses a class D amp that is over 90% efficient and why it can deliver nearly 15 amps (1800 watts ) I have replaced the original stock low quality steel magnetic back strap Brass outlets (67% copper) with two Phosphorous Bronze (90% copper) isolated ground PS Audio Power Ports (excellent for digital components ) and two Phosphorus Bronze cryoed Jenna Labs units In addition to the two stock MPK RF suppression caps that come stock with he EP15a i've also added two Auri caps to the other two outlets ..these are the same caps that are used in the premium Audience power conditioner for RF suppression ... now all outlets have RF suppression caps for better protection I've also removed the stock MOV surge protector lollipop as it does little to protect the unit and only degrades the sound as all the power must run through it before going to the main board ... you are much better served by placing a quality whole house surge protector at you main panel ... the one in the EP15a does little if anything to protect the unit and just degrades the sound In addition I've also removed the two pieces of ferrite that the four neutral wires ran through ... ferrite only squashes dynamics and compresses the sound also rolls off the top end ... ferrite main purpose is to reduce emission's on house hold appliance power cords that can't pass FCC standards for emission ... they place them on power cords to stop the power cords from broadcasting RF into the surrounding area so the appliance will meet FCC regulations ... using ferrite to reduce RF to your audio components is the wrong application of ferrites and only compromises the sound All these mods are passive and can easily be reversed as I will include all the stock parts with the unit ... see photos In addition I am including a Phosphorous Bronze (90% copper) high quality gold plated Furutech outlet which can be used at the wall to feed the EP15a and one Phosphorous Bronze (90% copper) Furutech IEC inlets ( I didn't have time to switch the low quality IEC inlet in the EP15a out ... you should) and some unique Hywire coils to be placed on power cords or interconnects .... these are not ferrite and don't defeat RF but stop the resonate ringing in cables due to reflection from mismatched termination ... please view photos for all original and upgrade parts that are included but not installed Photo 1 ... display shining brightly displaying 122 volt Photo 2 Multi meter displaying 122 volts output at rear outlet Photo 3 box .. manual .. power cord and EP15a unit Photo 4 rear of unit with upgraded outlets installed Photo 5 OEM parts (outlets .. ferrite .. MOV) removed but included Photo 6 additional Furutech outlet for wall ... Furutech high quality IEC inlet and Hywire wraps Unit ships from Shelton CT 06484 ... Dimensions ...22x20x9 ... weight on bath rooms scale 40 pounds Please check my feedback on Audiogon at this link .. https://www.audiogon.com/users/davehrab/feedbacks ... If you go to member look up it will show 0 feedback but that is feedback pending... you must click on "View All" to see actual accumulated feedback There are NO PAYPAL FEES ... they are priced in the reserve price ... Shipping is the responsibility of the winning bided here's a hint on the reserve price ... $8_9 ... just fill in the middle number ... it may be lower than you think
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