Spiritual AudioVX-9 MK-IusedSpiritual Audio VX-9 MK-I New in Box Reduced!$400 dollars off and comes with a PS audio cryo power port premier outlet for your wall and free shipping. All Major Credit Cards Accepted. Thanks 760 590 3470 Show Pictures are from Newport &amp...1400.00

Spiritual Audio VX-9 MK-I New in Box Reduced! [Expired]

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$400 dollars off and comes with a PS audio cryo power port premier outlet for your wall and free shipping. All Major Credit Cards Accepted. Thanks 760 590 3470 Show Pictures are from Newport & Cal audio show. The Stereo Times Award Winning VX-9 MK-I The VX-9 MK-1 is the most versatile and best sounding ac-conditioner on the market. At 2500 watts/20-ampere, boasting 560 joules/30,000 amperes surge capacity with advanced power factor correction. The VX-9 input power is 125 VAC 50/60HZ with two 250 VAC 10 amp fuses. Power consumption 3-Watts @ 125 VAC. Green LED power on to the unit. Red LED fuse open circuit. The VX-9 uses state of the art passive filter technology that eliminates AC line noise coming and going, and without the use of coils and transformers. There is no current limiting or transient delay. No sonic coloration or loss of high frequencies. The VX-9 produces a huge soundstage with killer tight bass and an extremely transparent mid-range without the typical power conditioner side effects. Also comes With free shipping. Remember everything begins at the wall and state of the art power conditioning. Also do not open the VX-9 for safety and warranty reasons. Comes with a 30 day trial period. (19x6.8x4 in.) Net Weight (10 lbs.) Made in the USA and comes with a 3 year warranty. Reviews: Featured at Newport Audio Show in the Zesto Audio room. Mahler's Symphony 1, with the Boston Philharmonic on a typically bright-sounding DG LP, had me sitting for the entire first movement, so low was the noisefloor and so high the dynamic range. AC power was being conditioned by Spiritual Audio's VX-9 power conditioner. Filed Under: T.H.E. Show Newport 2012 By: John Atkinson Posted: Jun 7, 2012 Well the XV-9 was great and didn't hold back the system a bit. The system as a whole sounded and ran beautiful. All the components kept up with each other...no weak links. ROOM EQUIPMENT LIST: Audio Power Labs 50TNT Mono block Tube Amplifier $47,500.00 pair. The Memory Player 64 $17,500.00. Leonardo Model 8 - Ribbon-Planer Speaker, 20Hz to 100kHz, 2/way, 93db sensitivity $65,000. High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Ultimate Interconnect - Patented Magnetic Conduction construction $4,950.00 1.5 meter RCA pair CT-1 Ultimate Speaker Cable - Patented Magnetic Conduction construction $7,800.00 2.0 meter bi-wire pair Wave Guide AC Conditioner - Patented Magnetic Conduction construction $10,000.00 8 receptacles/15 amp.Laufer Teknik AXPONA Chicago Show 2013. The hums and buzzes that had plagued both systems for a number of months disappeared. Not being an electrical engineer or a household electrician, I can't definitively say why, but I imagine the grounding techniques used in the VX-9 erased all the bugs. RAID! I'm not sure whether it's crawling, flying, biting, gnawing or sucking or what...but those bugs were eliminated. Music became easier to listen to! Lyrics more easily understood; instruments differing from each other (violin or viola?) easily discerned in every recording I played. Stereomojo: Mike Peshkin All I can say is “wow.” I took the device home, plugged my gear into it, and started listening. My first thought was something along the lines of “Is this really my system?” Everything was bigger and better: the soundstage, the weight and timbre of voices and instruments, the precise location of performers in the soundstage, and as Mike said earlier, the blackness of the background from which all of this emerged. It was revelatory, much like my first hearing of Serenade to Music. And spiritual. I definitely found myself connecting with the music and the performers on a deeper level; a more human level. I’ve played with lesser such devices and have slept more soundly at night knowing that my gear was protected from deadly power surges. Maybe they even made things sound better, which was an added bonus. I just wasn’t prepared for what the VX-9 did for my system. It’s definitely the solid foundation upon which the rest of my system is built. Think of it that way, and one can see the logic of the investment. Stereomojo: Dr. John Richardson I purchased the unit new from Spiritual Audio on 8/13/2015. There are several glowing reviews on the internet if you google Spiritual Audio. This easily bested all of my previous power conditioners, including other conditioners that cost significantly more. This is one of the few power conditioners that doesn't limit power or change the sound character. I hear blacker backgrounds, a lower noise floor, less etch, and tighter/more tuneful bass. pmowbray1 Audiogon 3/1/17 I currently own a VX-9 power conditioner that I bought about a month ago. I compared this unit to others I've had in the past as well as a PS Audio P3 regenerator head to head. Your unit decimated the PS Audio unit. It sounded broke compared to yours. Troy. Audiogon 3/1/2017 I Purchased this unit directly from Spiritual Audio and it is the exact unit reviewed in Stereo Times. You can find the review on the net. Really a fantastic sounding piece that also protects your gear. They fly under the radar, but this unit has exceeded the performance of my past big dollar conditioners from BPT, Transparent Audio and Audio Magic. Grannyring Audiogon 1/29/17 Firehouse Recording studios have just installed the new VX-9 and VX-6 power conditioners with great results. Located in Pasadena ca. Bernie Becker 9/12/2016 www.firehouserecordingstudios.com/#/Home Spiritual Audio VX-9 Power Conditioner ($2,500): The VX-9 power conditioner enhanced the performance of every component connected to it, yielding cumulative system-wide improvements: an exceptionally quiet noise floor, improved clarity, and more clearly defined sonic images. Capable of passing 2500 watts at 20amps, the conditioner ensured the full benefit of my dedicated 20amp line, and two sets of 'Digital Source Tuning' outlets allow the user to subtly tailor the sound of source components to his/her taste. With a simple steel chassis instead of costly milled billet, the quality was clearly on the inside where i like it - An excellent sing-piece improvement for an entire system. (Greg Simmons) Stereo Times "The Spiritual Audio VX-9 power conditioner is a keeper plain and simple". I let the VX-9 burn in for about a week straight before doing critical listening. I am currently using an Integra DTR 80.3 receiver and an Oppo 105. Both of which were upgraded slightly. I would consider them okay performers but not up to the caliber of my previous high end rig. After connecting my Integra DTR 80.3 receiver and Oppo 105 BRP into the VX-9 the affect that comes to mind is "focus". Music was purer, cleaner, and had a greater presence. Before inserting the VX-9 the music presentation was scattered and blurry. The fog had been lifted off and a more enjoyable presentation unfolded. The term "black background" is thrown around a lot but that is the best way to describe the affect the VX-9 had. Nothing but music on a stage. The bass was good after a week of play but has gotten better and better as the VX-9 burned in. The bass is now deep and controlled. Voices are incredible sounding and it was easy to image the singer in the room with you. The change in pitches and subtle nuances occurring during the recording were exposed. The bottom line is the Spiritual Audio VX-9 took average sounding components and allowed them to show their true potential. There was a transformation that occurred and that is undeniable. I read the Stereomojo article about the VX-9 and was impressed with what the reviewers had to say. After owning the VX-9 I now agree with their assessments. I have owned other power conditioners but none touch the VX-9. Best Regards Kevin From KY [email protected] 1/13/2014 spiritualaudio.net
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