PS AudioP-10 PS Audio P-10  Power Plants-New 70 amp regeneratorsAsk us about 6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPalFREE Frt in the lower 48 states Let us purchase your qualified trade-in line conditioner for what you originally paid, up to $2,000.0...4999.00

PS Audio P-10 Power Plants-New 70 amp regenerators [Expired]

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Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST & NO PAYMENTS thru PayPal

FREE Frt in the lower 48 states

  • Let us purchase your qualified trade-in line conditioner for what you originally paid, up to $2,000.00

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The PerfectWave Power Plant 10 is the ultimate power conditioner to power AV equipment. Unlike other expensive conditioners that are only filters, the P10 makes brand new virtually perfect super hi quality power.

From the PS website:
"The P10 is the largest and most advanced high-end personal power generating station in the world, the P10 is pure state of the art. Capable of powering any size system with pure sine wave power, nothing comes even close to a P10′s ability to bring forth all that’s possible from your system and ensuring you get the same great performance every time you listen. Music comes alive as never before with a P10.

With your system powered directly from the pure output of the P10, dynamics and openness are breathtaking. New voices, new harmonics and a renewed sense of musicality are yours the moment the P10 starts up. This is clearly one of the most important pieces of audio equipment you can own – building a firm and reliable foundation for your system that will serve you for years to come."

At the PerfectWave Power Plant 10’s core is an internal high current analog amplifier that produces ultra low distortion, ultra low output impedance, and highly regulated new AC power for connected equipment. Sine wave enhancement technologies from the P10 including Multi-Wave and Clean-Wave provide unparalleled control of the Power Plants for hands-on control settings for optimum performance, system specific.

The PerfectWave Power Plant 10 delivers up to 1200 watts of continuous power and 70 amps of instantaneous current delivery. The P10 has 10 receptacles with 5 separate ISO zones. The P10’s real-time and on-line measurement system includes surges, voltage levels, power usage and power quality as measured by THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) on the line.
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All units come with the 3-year PS factory warranty.

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