PS AudioPower Director 4.7PS Audio Power Director 4.7 Silver 15A U.S. versionIn excellent condition with no blemishes that I could find. Approximately 10 years old with internittent usage. I used this Power Director with a PS Audio P1000 Powerplant, to isolate the equipme...575.00

PS Audio Power Director 4.7 Silver 15A U.S. version [Expired]

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In excellent condition with no blemishes that I could find. Approximately 10 years old with internittent usage. I used this Power Director with a PS Audio P1000 Powerplant, to isolate the equipment from each other. Having replaced my P1000 with a PS Audio P10, I no longer need this Powerplant.

The Ultimate 12-Outlet Power Interface

Combine PS Audio Ultimate Outlets with Power Port outlets and a sophisticated communication interface. What do you get? The innovative power conditioning approach of the new PS Audio Power Director.

The Power Director is a stand-alone power management device specifically designed to handle components for an entire AV system. Equipped with 12 Power Port outlets (six duplex receptacles) incorporating four dedicated 15-amp Ultimate Outlet circuits (or 20 amp with the Power Director 20-Amp model), the Power Director performs AC conditioning, surge protection, and spike protection. And unlike most power conditioners, it is non-current-limiting, so your components never run out of 'juice.'

The Power Director brings a system wide level of improvement to both audio and video systems. Video pictures come alive with amazing three-dimensionality. Power amps as well as analog and digital audio equipment take on a new depth and openness. And your components are safeguarded from potentially damaging surges and spikes, too.

Zone Defense

On the rear of the Power Director are 12 PS Audio Power Port receptacles that are separated into four isolated zones. Each zone is capable of handling power in a non-limiting fashion and will provide 100-percent protection, 40 dB of cleaning and isolation between zones, and is fully controllable from the Power Director's front panel.

Each zone is labeled for a specific group of products to maximize the benefits of electrical isolation. Analog devices such as preamplifiers, turntables, and phono preamps are grouped into zone one. The second zone is for digital devices such as CD players, DACs, and video processors. Zones three and four handle powers amplifiers, receivers, integrated amps, projectors, TVs and rear projection TVs. All zones are actually identical circuits, and the separation with regards to analog and digital are for reference only.

Triple Power Protection

The Power Director Employs PS Audio's ground-breaking Triple Power Protection (TPP) system, making absolutely certain that nothing unwanted gets through the Director to your valuable equipment it is powering.

The microprocessor-based TPP system uses PS Audio's new PowerMeter measurement software that is accurate to within one percent as a first line of defense against power overages. When the input AC voltage exceeds a preset limit (user adjustable), the outputs simply switch off and connected equipment is protected. When the voltage returns to normal, the outputs turn back on according to their sequenced instructions.

If the first line of defense fails, a second level of defense kicks in, using PS Audio's proprietary Tranzorber circuitry. In the unlikely event the Tranzorbers are asked to absorb too much power, an internal fuse opens, completely shutting off the outputs thus protecting connected equipment.

The last line of defense is a rear panel magnetic circuit breaker that will automatically trip if too much current is passing through the unit.

Ultimate Outlet Circuitry

Inside the Power Director are four high current Ultimate Outlet circuits, each individually capable of delivering 15-amps of power (or 20 amp with the Power Director 20-Amp model) that has a reduced output impedance by a factor of three! This is accomplished by using precision-wound baluns. These are highly efficient transformer cores with identical, balanced windings wrapped around each half of a donut-shaped toroid. They are wound with extremely heavy gauge pure copper wire and terminated in a network of Class X2 and Class Y2 film capacitors. Each of the four Ultimate circuits feeding the individual zones is hand-wired with 12 gauge, multi-strand OFC copper in a star configuration that enhances the separation of circuits and improves isolation.

User Controllable

The Power Director performs switching and network command functions required by today's sophisticated A/V components. It lets you preset the input voltage before any protection circuitry is activated, and adjust the delay time before the unit resets itself and powers back up. You and can also adjust the power on / power off sequencing of the four zones. These and other functions can all be controlled with the included wireless remote.

The front-panel four-digit LED PowerMeter display makes it easy to monitor power, voltage, wattage, and even power factor accurately to within 1% of perfect. You can measure the incoming AC voltage, read the watts and amperage being delivered to the load on an instantaneous basis, and the system will even calculate the real time RMS power factor being delivered to the load.

More Features and Upgrade Options

The Power Director is completely modular and upgradeable, and includes one input module and three output module slots on the rear panel. The simple, interchangeable modules let you change the type of AC plug and the voltage received by that plug.

The board for the Power Director's main input module includes three CATV inputs and CATV outputs for cable and antenna protection, one phone input and two outputs for telephone protection, four slide switches to control the output delay, a 15-amp resetable circuit breaker (or 20 amp with the Power Director 20-Amp model), a 15-amp IEC input (or 20 amp with the Power Director 20-Amp model), a 12-volt external trigger input, a PS buss that serves as a communication link for all PS Audio components, and a Panja Crestron interface slot for an off-the-shelf Panja card that allows customers to interface with CE-buss equipped products.


12-outlet premium power conditioner for entire AV system Performs AC conditioning, surge and spike protection Non-current limiting Prevents damage to equipment Improves sonic performance Enhances video clarity, black level, and dimensionality Lowers system noise floor Four fully isolated zones improve separation Programmable input voltage threshold before shut-off Programmable delay time before power reset Programmable on/off delay per zone PowerMeter LED displays power, voltage, wattage, and power factor with 99% accuracy Exclusive PS buss controls equipment Infrared remote control and learning tools Supplied power cord: 6-ft. 14 AWG shielded


Power rating: 15 amp IEC Power outlets: 12 120-volt outlets on rear panel (1 courtesy outlet on front panel) Coaxial cable input/output: 3 each; 75 ohm "F" type Phone line input/output: 1 input and 2 output Input power requirements: 100V - 250V (50 / 60 Hz) auto switching Dimensions: 17" wide, 4" high, 15.25" deep Weight: 25 lbs

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Operating Instructions Warranty Card 1 Spair 1 Amp Fast Blow Fuse 1 AC Power Cable, 2.0M
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