PS AudioPowerPlay 8500PS Audio PowerPlay 8500 Internet Controlled line ConditionerAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPalWe have bought all the PS Audio Powerplay 8500 line conditioners. The Powerplay 8500 is a high quality 5 zone line conditioner. All 5 zon...499.00

PS Audio PowerPlay 8500 Internet Controlled line Conditioner [Expired]

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Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS or INTEREST thru PayPal

We have bought all the PS Audio Powerplay 8500 line conditioners. The Powerplay 8500 is a high quality 5 zone line conditioner. All 5 zones are isolated. Control features include on/off sequencing and scheduling, power monitoring, UPS control options, and a 12V trigger. They can all be controlled over the Internet.

The PP-8500 is an active five zone, ten outlet power center producing clean unrestricted AC power for an entire high-end audio or video system. Protection from surges, spikes and overloads, plus superior filtering and star wiring are incorporated in this power center to give maximum benefit to both audio and video systems.

These are sealed and new with the 3 year PS factory warranty

Retail is $1495.00 Our sale price is only $499.00 

Features from PS are:

Advanced Control
Ethernet and RS-232 ports provide two way communication to the PowerPlay. These ports enable unparalleled control, monitoring, and management of connected devices.
Simple Control 12 volt trigger and Phone communications port provide additional methods controlling the PowerPlay and connected devices.
Intelligent UPS Control The UPS communication port enables PS Audio’s Intelligent UPS Management control and configuration.
Power Monitoring The PowerPlay monitors and reports detailed power conditions whenever the unit is connected to PS Audio Global Net.
Noise Reduction The Power Play contains powerful noise filtration, yet continues to deliver unimpeded current to your components for optimal performance.
Surge Protection Sophisticated surge and spike protection is contained in the Power Play. The protection circuitry is designed to protect your gear from voltage irregularities. Should the protection circuitry become compromised the PowerPlay will no longer supply power to any of the connected components.
IsoZones The 8500 features 5 IsoZones. Each IsoZone employs differential mode filtering to isolate connected equipment from noise which is generated by other components. It is recommended that components be isolated by device type (digital, analog, video, etc.) and/or by power supply type(switch mode or linear) wherever possible.
Rack Mountable The 8500 is rack mountable.
Removable Support Feet The feet of the Power Play may be removed in order to save rack space.
• ON/OFF Sequencing
• Outlet ON/OFF Bank Control
• Auto Reboot When enabled the Auto Reboot feature will reboot your modem, router, and/or any other device critical for internet access. This feature ensures your Power Play is always available online.

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