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This unit is our store Demonstration model.
We are selling a Transparent Audio Power Isolater 8. We shall include a power cord with the unit. PowerIsolator 8 shares technology with the ultimate PowerIsolator in a convenient multi-outlet configuration that includes surge protection and noise filtration for all outlets. 

Power improvement products are not easy for average consumers to get their minds around. There are many different philosophies on how to do it right, with few agreeing on what’s best. Questions on power correction come my way quite often, with most people wondering if they even need better AC and, if so, how much they need to spend to fix the problem.

To exacerbate the issue, bad power is not always something that you hear and can determine needs improving, but rather an area that, once you correct it, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to fix.

The Transparent PowerIsolator 8 is a reference-level power-conditioning device that provides eight hospital-grade outlets for your precious AV gear. It is available only in a black-brushed finish and retails for $2,995. The Transparent PowerIsolator 8 is a much sleeker-looking product than Transparent conditioners of past. The PowerIsolator 8 measures a slim 2U rack height of three-and-one-half inches tall by 17 inches wide and 19-and three-quarters inches deep. It comes complete with separate rack-mounting ears, in case you are so inclined.

The front of the unit has a rich-looking brushed machined plate with a tapering beveled edge that runs across the top and bottom of the bezel. At the center is a long window. Underneath are three LED lights indicating “Protection Active,” “Line Fault,” and “Isolation Active.” In the darkness of my room, I could see two green LEDs and faint red text reading “Transparent PowerIsolator 8.” The PI8 is packaged very well and is as solid as a block of metal. The fit and finish of this unit are outstanding, making the PI8 a welcome addition to my rack. At the back of the unit are four pairs of isolated outlets and a standard IEC power cord connector. The unit sits on four rubber feet, in case you choose to forego the rack-mounting and decide to shelf or stand-mount.

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