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Acoustic Preference Maestoso 2.0 - buy direct - NEW [Expired]

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!!!BUY DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER!!! NOW YOU CAN BUY OUR HIGH-END LOUDSPEAKERS FROM SERIES GRACIOSO AND MAESTOSO HANDCRAFTED IN EU FOR BEST PRICES EVER. Why the direct sales of our High-end lines loudspeakers? Our decision is well thought and we decided for the direct sales, because we know that direct sales is the only way, customers get the best product for their money and the best after purchase service, when purchasing our exclusive High-end loudspeakers. Furthermore, every AP speakers model are a detailed hand work, we put at least 50 hours of hand work of different specialists in creation of AP High-end loudspeakers. From wood specialists, electronic construction, design solutions, testing and quality control. All parts are manufactured in EU and all supplied parts are of the highest quality, which inevitably means high supply and production costs. In conclusion final production costs of Gracioso and Maestoso loudspeakers are also inevitably high. Our policy from the start of Acoustic Preference company, has always been to maximize benefits and satisfaction of our customers, and in our opinion, direct sells is the only fair way to deliver High-end hifi equipment directly from our company to your homes with no extra margins and for approx. 50% lower prices. Are our products still in High-End product class, nevertheless the prices are evidently better? Because the high volume of manual work put in the making of our speakers, the production in large batches is not possible. Each pair of our speakers is exclusive product that can be produced annually within a max. few hundred pairs. A few highly skilled experts are responsible for the composition of the speakers and every pair of our loudspeakers is handcrafted on customers demand. Moreover, the customers get the same quality product for approx. 50% lower price, which means that AP loudspeakers are of course still exclusive High-end product, but for much friendlier and more affordable price. Thus we can legitimately claim, that with the purchase of Acoustic Preference loudspeakers our customers get the highest rank of high-end speakers for affordable price, that are made in small production numbers, handmade and very exclusive. Does the quality remain the same? It is very important to point out, that the speakers are identical to those in the tests, so the new prices will not bring any change in quality. Quality is only improving with age, as they have now been in production for the third year, and in the meantime many things were learned or the processes improved, to achieve an even better final result. Due to bad experiences with shipping the first pairs of speakers around the world in cardboard packaging, the packaging into wooden boxes was introduced. That's one of the reason, we did not have any transportation accidents or injuries since. That is how we ensure that our transportation is risk free and 100% save. How do you know how they sound, before you decide for a purchase? Moreover, we make sure that the loudspeakers are regularly sent on tests to various recognized experts in the world, to make your purchase decision easier. At the same time the tests results also give us needed feedback and confirmation that we made really superior speakers. What are the main advantages of buying directly from the manufacturer? There are a lot of advantages of direct buy. One of them is obviously much friendlier price, but there are also others, also important advantages. To begin with, now you can get the most detailed information about AP loudspeakers directly from AP team. The people who created the loudspeakers can offer the most comprehensive customer support. There is at least 2 years of research work in each of our loudspeaker model and no sales person or distributer can offer all the needed answers and support, besides the designers and engineers that developed the product. Secondly, we keep records for every pair of sold loudspeakers with all their components and/or custom made properties. You can always decide to send your speakers to maintenance, renewal or even upgrade to MK units if possible. Direct buy also provides you the best after purchase support, because you solve warranty matters directly with manufacturer. We make every effort that our customers would be fully satisfied with our purchase service- We know that the world has become a global village in which the reputation, good or bad, spreads very rapidly. That is why our motto is "each satisfied customer counts." Finally, let us encourage you, to try out our speakers, believe us that you will not regret it. We'll do our best for your satisfaction and future loyalty, because we are full of ideas and plans for the future of our High-end audio products. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE We cover all the transport costs for our customers. We think that this is the fair way, because the customers are also not directly charged with transportation costs if they buy items in the stores. This arrangement stands for all the countries that UPS delivers to. If the country is not on the UPS shipping list, you only pay the differential between UPS prices and new/other transportation agent. Speakers will be shipped in original packing, 2 separate wooden boxes at around 50 kg each. Payment and delivery Payment by wire transfer, PayPal or Cash on delivery - COD-for EU only. What's important, we have arranged the payment on delivery method (COD) for our EU customers, for the part of the whole payment sum. At the order confirmation, you pay 40-60% of the whole sum (depends on the model and the price range of the loudspeakers) as an advance, second part you will pay to our UPS shipping currier at the delivery (maximal 5000$ for one delivery at same day). Specially secured wooden transportation packages, proved 100% save! All our loudspeakers are packed into the high quality wooden boxes (with CE certificate) and that's one of the reason, we did not have any transportation accidents or injuries. Furthermore in wooden boxes with inner foil, the loudspeakers are also better protected against the moisture. This is how we ensured that our transportation is risk free and total safe. With manufacturers Invoice (VAT 20% included) and 5 years of warranty. Money-back Guarantee and testing period In the case our loudspeakers will not live up to your expectations, you can return them to our company address in original packaging in 30 days time from purchase. We offer all our customers 30 days, money back guarantee. You have 30 days time for sound testing and room layout adjustments. Only if you hear loudspeakers in your room and combined with your Audio equipment, you can get to know our loudspeakers and decide if you like them. Your cost is only shipping, charged by the UPS price list. Shipping costs of the loudspeakers returned to the manufacturer is always covered by the customer! WARRANTY Buy direct from the manufacturer brings a lot of advantage, which we would like to point out. -You will have a 5 years warranty for service and warranty repairs, even, if the dealer by which you bought your loudspeakers go out of business. -With direct purchase by the manufacturer you will avoid the possibility of warranty loss, which is nowadays a very real possibility. -Each of our loudspeakers model has 5 year warranty. Dealers and agents often reduce this warranty period. BUY DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER WITHOUT RISK! With “BUY DIRECT” you will 100% receive never unpacked or even listened speakers, direct from manufacturer Acoustic Preference. 5 years full warranty. 30 day money back guarantee. In conclusion, direct buy provides you the best prices and after purchase support. Please check acoustic-preference official site or Google (search for Maestoso 2.0) for all the other details and reviews about those speakers. Please fell free to contact us for any additional details. We are also on Facebook, there you can chat with creators of Acoustic Preference loudspeakers!

- 3-way/Double-select ported bass reflex system
- 12 dB/oct. LKR crossover at 220/2200 Hz
- Recommended power handling: 20-250 Watt
- Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
- Frequency response: 35 Hz - 22 kHz
- Sensitivity: 91 dB / 1W/ 1M
- Dimensions: 280 (340) x 296 (356) x 1124 (1164 with Spikes) mm (W x D x H)
- Net weight: 43.5 kg/piece
-Transport weight: 2 wooden boxes 142 kg of UPS volume weight.

Bass section
- 2 X 160 mm Morel High Performance bass units
- One-piece DPC cone/dust cap for smooth, extended response and firm bass
- Large diameter aluminum former for efficient heat transfer
- 75 mm diameter HEXATECH voice coil for high power handling and superior dynamics
- Massive die-cast open aluminum basket for flat and smooth response
- Natural felt disc for absorption of unwanted reflections

- Morel 140 mm High Performance Neolin midrange
- One-piece DPC cone/dust cap for smooth, extended response and firm bass
- Large diameter aluminum former for efficient heat transfer
- 75 mm diameter Hexatech voice coil for high-power handling and superior dynamics
- Copper devices for reduction of distortion and linear impendence
- Five high-flux neodymium disc magnets for enhanced sensitivity and excellent air cooling
- Massive die-cast open aluminum basket for flat and smooth response
- Natural felt disc for absorption of unwanted reflections

- Morel 28 mm High Performance Supreme series tweeter
- Acuflex hand-treated soft dome and aluminum faceplate
- Hexatech voice coil for high-power handling and superior dynamics
- Flat Neodymium motor with high magnetic power
- Under hung configuration for higher performance and lower distortion
- Linear motion for high sensitivity, fast transient response and high definition

- Three way 12 dB/oct/LKR/220/2200 Hz crossover
- Mundorf Air Foil Coils, 99.999% pure OFC copper with Polypropylene insulation
- Mundorf High-End Audio Grade MKP capacitors, matched to 0.5% tolerance
- Exclusive custom braid - HGA Solid Silver/Teflon insulated inner wiring
- High quality Bi-wire WBT terminals

October / November 2009
World Premiere
Acoustic Preference Maestoso 2.0
Amazing imaging, top down coherence and stunning cabinetry come together.
Review By Jeff Rabin

I can’t recommend a visit to Slovenia highly enough. It is, quite simply, my favorite European nation but I digress. This is after all a speaker review. With the help of an well-charged electric screw driver, a chisel, a pair of scissors and mild damage to a vertebra I care about I was soon able to eviscerate these gorgeous speakers from their immense and immensely sturdy, reinforced plywood crates. Never, ever, have I seen anything better packed.

Still, somehow, I managed to depress the 28mm Morel soft domed tweeter, making a small, ugly depression in its inky blackness. Gratefully, judicious use of the prized Dyson vacuum cleaner returned the tweeter to its proper shape, but I will say I have never held a vacuum cleaner with such care or fear.

Once unpacked, I dragged – the crates weighed a ton too – and placed them on my drive on the way to be stored in the garage. I ought to have placed them in the garage for safe storage but they were heavy and I was very keen to hear what 16,900 Euro of speaker sounded like.

The sound stage widened to fill the room, stretching well beyond the outside of the speakers and reaching far behind their lovely faces. Rarely heard detail integrated into the mix without drawing attention to itself or being lost in the shuffle.
I could go on, but in summary, the Maestoso’s are a very balanced speaker with, perhaps, a somewhat dry bass, though the bass on my Tannoys may just be a tad overblown. Never do they sound over-etched, honky, or shrill. They may not rock with JBL horns, but they were never meant to. What they excel at is their midrange without highlighting the mid-range by bringing too much or too little attention to the treble and the bass. Quite simply, they just do things right.

While they are not a rock and roll speaker, I don’t think that was the designer’s purpose. Instead neutrality and a certain way of lessening listener fatigue seem to be the order of the day.

Value is in the eye of the beholder? I suppose that is so, so far as it goes. But it would be a very strange fellow that valued a beat up Fiat Panda over one of Aston Martin’s latest. But there is also truth to the saying, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. The value, not the price, of these speakers lays somewhere in between. Never have I seen better cabinetry. Never have I dragged heavier speakers into my lounge. And never have I been graced with either a speaker as current hungry as these are or better top down coherence, amazingly bettering my Tannoys in their imaging, something that I had believed Tannoy had a lock-hold on. But are they worth what Acoustic Preference asks for them? To quote my other favorite philosopher, but without the benefit of translation, Wovon man nichtsprechenkann, darüber muss man schweigen.

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