Acoustic SignatureCHALLENGER TURNTABLE W/ REGA 250 ARMAcoustic Signature CHALLENGER TURNTABLE W/ REGA 250 ARM Amazing tableAcoustic Signature CHALLENGER TURNTABLE W/ REGA 250 ARM and SPEED CONTROL all included demo unit -- full warranty --about 60 hrs on it PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECT AT -- -- or...2250.00

Acoustic Signature CHALLENGER TURNTABLE W/ REGA 250 ARM Amazing table [Expired]

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Acoustic Signature CHALLENGER TURNTABLE W/ REGA 250 ARM and SPEED CONTROL all included demo unit -- full warranty --about 60 hrs on it PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECT AT -- -- or call us at 215-953-9099 --- The CHALLENGER TURNTABLE W/ REGA 250 ARM With our 23kg Challenger turntable you get our statement entry level mass turntable. Here we bring together one of the most sophisticated drive system/PSU arrangement with a massive, high mass platter, a solid chassis and our external stand alone drive system.The whole deck is incredibly simple to set up, very versatile (permitting up to three arms to be fitted) and sonically its performance is outstanding. He runs very quiet, courtesy of the unique Tidorfolon main bearing. The Challenger offers remarkable, consistent performance at a highly competitive price. As reviewers say: Some people may reconsider their expectations on a turntable at this pricepoint. We are shure our competitors do. Reviews STEREOPLAY-Germany At the first view the Acoustic-Signature Challenger you think about "ultra solid". This stands also for the sound not only the look. He offers a ultradeep fundament and it is clearly focused. His extraordinary sound, the excellent craftmansship make it an real Stereoplay Highlight HiFi World Great Britain 10/2006 "...with the kind of impact you usually associated with 6000EUR US superdecks not 2200 EUR designs. this deck had the best timing of the group, propelling the music along with incredible energy and drive. It proved fast, with excellent resolving capabilities, had outstanding transient attack and a huge dynamic range. This was tempered with superb control, sonically it offered virtuallyno overhang, and could go from a subtle wisher to room shaking volume and back again with ease. The Challenger is is set to make a lot of people reconsider their expectations of a deck at this price point and offer simply phenomenal value for the money". World class German turntables priced between $1995 to $19,995 providing a sound reproduction that can be described as accurate, smooth with amazing stability in the stage and images. These turntables do not sound bright or thin in any way, they are one of best sounding turntables available in the high-end market today. All Acoustic Signature comes with a 10 year warranty, they represent a superb investment for a product that will last you a lifetime with zero maintenance. Stereotimes: ..and is strong contender not only in its price range, but also compared to far more expensive tables. Combining the bass power and soundstaging capacities of popular "high-end audiophile" tables with the dancing and singing rhythmic abilities of the "musicophile" UK tables, the Final Tool will appeal to those who want it all. Stereoplay/Germany: Acoustic-Signature Mambo! "Everything is perfect on this turntable" Hi-Fi & Records: The Mambo is convincing from the first note;.. It was completely solid, was perfect structured. The dynamics of the bass was the best I've ever heard. Stereoplay/Germany: At the first view the Acoustic-Signature Challenger looks like " an ultra solid high-end turntable". This stands also for the sound not only the look. The Challenger offers an ultra deep fundament that's clearly focus, extraordinary sound, excellent craftsmanship, a real Stereoplay Highlight. Hi-Fi & Records: A turntable like nothing before. Mechanical engineering at it's best. Sound quality of the Analog ONE MKIII is free of any mistakes with a very fast and dynamic bass and rhythm. Voices, timing, rhythm, everything perfect. INCLUDES SPEED CONTROL BOX Drive unit 1 Synchronius motor, electronically regulated fully mains decoupled adjustable,small Alpha Motor electronic, external power supply Bearing high precision TIDORFOLON Bearing rollerbushed and paired with axle. Chassis vibration damped Chassis, 3 height adjustable feets, soft alloy for low resonance. MANFRED Platter high precison platter made of aluminium, 5cm height. 9kg weight. Speed Range 33 1/3 RPM, 45 UPM with motor electronic. Power Supply 115V Dimension 440b x 180h x 350d mm, 21-25Kg weight-depending on extras. we also carry -- Ortofon , Dynavector , Grado and Benz Cartridges more info -- click here-- Quest For Sound Quest For Sound 2307-R Bristol pike Bensalem Pa 19020 215-953-9099 web site: email:
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