Acoustic Signature Tango MK2MM/MC Phono preamplifierAcoustic Signature Tango MK2 MM/MC Phono preamplifier ( Like new condition)If you have any question or want to stop by for audition please give us a call 714-553-6474 or visit our website to see many nice other products. About Tango MK2 With th...700.00

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Acoustic Signature Tango MK2 MM/MC Phono preamplifier ( Like new condition) [Expired]

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If you have any question or want to stop by for audition please give us a call 714-553-6474 or visit our website to see many nice other products. About Tango MK2 With the Tango, we created a mid price phono preamp that is easy to use and produces outstanding sound quality. The mainboard is manufactured as a double-sided board with a large shielding surface on the top. Only with the double-sided layout those short signal paths are possible which are needed for the perfect amplification of the extremely small cartridge signals. This guarantees very low hum and noise values and an outstanding sound quality. MM and MC settings are widely selectable. The voltage supply comes with a R.P.C. circuit. This is a newly developed circuit which extremely decreases the ripple after the regulator and therefore creates a nearly battery like DC. To make sure the Tango is working in the best possible way, we have included more than 20.000uF capacitors for filtering!! This is more than much power amps have. We only use the best quality capacitors on the market. All electrolytic capacitors are bypassed with Foil-capacitors to make sure small and fast impulses are transmitted in the best way. The allowed tolerance from the RIAA curve is less than 0.2 dB. This is reached by using 1% resistors and high-precise 1% tolerance capacitors. To ensure perfect operation every Amp has a on site additional power reservoir of 2000 uf direct connected to its power pins. This additional local stabilization guarantees the best possible working conditions for the amp. The Tango also has a subsonic filter which eliminates extreme low frequency distortions under 6 Hz. The technical data corresponds to the enormous effort we have used in designing this phono preamp. Reviews The Stereo Times Review The Acoustic Signature Tango Phono Preamplifier: Paul Szabady; May 2002 "Thankfully, the Tango was not neurotic in demanding that only a particular interconnect be used to show its merits, but its resolution is high enough that one should avoid choking its output by using a cheesy interconnect. Two to three days of playing were necessary for the Tango to find its voice after I first plugged it in, and with no on/off switch, once broken-in, it stays broken-in. MC load impedances should match most cartridges on the market, although I couldn't exactly match the van den Hul Frog's lowest recommended loading of 600 ohm requirement and used 1000 ohms instead. The lowest output MC cartridge I used - the Talisman Boron at .26 mV - had ample amplification with the 64 dB of moving coil gain provided.. Analog Corner Review of the Acoustic Signature Tango The Tango is in the same league as the excellent Lehmann Black Cube: very fine performance for the price. It did nothing particularly wrong, and quite a bit right. Jay Kaufman comments on the Acoustic Signature Tango The Tango is such a gem, a terrific performer for modest money. You~ll get a heartfelt sound, great dynamics and flexibility to accommodate any cartridge you want. The Tango is the make-sense choice for those who want it all - minus the steep price tag. HiFi World UK I nearly jumped from the settee. Dubs of vocals and synthstabbed out powerfully from the Yorkminsters - this preamp has real push and comes over as exciting, yet without the obvious cutting edge of other designs. It has big, rounded bass too that underpins the sound nicely, giving performances plenty of body and power.
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