Acoustic ZenCrescendo speakersAcoustic Zen Crescendo speakers superb  absolute sound raveup!Call to set up your Audition, the amazing Acoustic Zen Crescendo speakers on display here at Clearsound Audio. DEMO PAIR AVAILABLE HERE NOW! --Call for pricing. EMAIL: Cu...16000.00

Acoustic Zen Crescendo speakers superb absolute sound raveup! [Expired]

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Call to set up your Audition, the amazing Acoustic Zen Crescendo speakers on display here at Clearsound Audio. DEMO PAIR AVAILABLE HERE NOW! --Call for pricing. EMAIL: Currently being run by the Bob Carver Cherry tube monos with dehavilland preamp! FULL LINE ACOUSTIC ZEN AUTHORIZED DEALER, CABLES, ADAGIO SPEAKERS TOO! 631-848-7455 **new finishes now available- Piano Black and Piano Redwood!!** call for info and your pricing 631-848-7455 - No stories- call for your price now on BRAND NEW and demo pairs>Authorized lines: Ayon Full Line, Acoustic Zen,Clearwave speakers, Bob Carver tube amps,dehavilland, Marten Django, XTZ, Grover Huffman Cables, Marten Django speakers, Audio Space, Sonist speakers,WIREWORLD cables, LSA, Burson-FULL USA LINE, Vista,HIFIMAN HE-6, Marchand, Grover Huffman cables,Vista., Wyred4Sound-full line, and more...
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*****the below is from the an Absolute Sound Rave UP!

"Speakers from $15000 - $20000/Pair at RMAF 2010"

"In this price class, which has historically represented the tipping point between high-end sound and ultra high-end sound, I thought three speakers stood head and shoulders above their peers

Acoustic Zen Crescendo

The Acoustic Zen Crescendo $16,000) is a large (50"-tall), three-way, five-driver, transmission line-loaded loudspeaker that it is on the one hand a true full-range design yet that manages, on the other hand, to offer a delicate, refined, and highly focused—much like a top-tier two-way monitor. In short, the Crescendo seems to track with the scale of the music, sounding “big” only when the music calls for expansiveness and dynamic power." Absolute Sound loves them, you will too!

The incredible Acoustic Zen Crescendo speakers, Full Range, tight realistic sounding 20hz bass, 90db efficiency, tube friendly design-run great on 20 watt 845 tube SET's, and excellent on high power quality Solid State amps. Call for your current in system pricing.
The New Ayon Triton amp running here with these Crescendo speakers is a synergistic match made in heaven match! New amazing reviews coming, new additional finishes, Piano Black, Piano metallic dark gray, Piano for pricing 631-848-7455
Review: all those that have heard/enjoyed the RAVE REVIEW Acoustic Zen Adagio, well, we know those are real good.. the Crescendo takes that musicality, and goes in every direction into another league all together.. more resolution, bass tightness and DEEEEP extension, room filling concert sound, any volume level.. these speakers are not even heard, they just present the live musical event in the room with you and get out of the way.. this new tweeter is amazing, mids, super fast, clean, VERY LOW DISTORTION SPEAKER... so playing loud is effortless, efficiency makes low volume listening sound full.. and normal mid volume levels are VERY engaging! Music lovers hearing them keep saying things like, "I heard 52,000$ speakers that don't sound this good! "Please call/email for info/pricing. New sealed box- 631-848-7455 These speakers are scary dynamic, in a good way, as in really sounding live! Very versatile, room friendly, wife friendly, amp friendly, and being compared to the best out there but these are way less money. All drivers face forward, **Excellent Transmission Line Bass, port faces forward as well. Coherent, and emotionally engaging. These walk the line , providing the ultimate balance of warmth, detail, speed, and harmonic realism!Micro AND Macro dynamics galore... Set up here for audition -Long Island, New York, as well as for ordering. This is a world class speaker at reasonable pricing! Beautiful, classy, refined, tons of natural detail yet superbly musical. Live dynamics,,, true real Full range!If you are ready for a high end full range speaker that is incredibly diverse, call 631-848-7455. We can discuss system pricing, system matching, perhaps mate it with the fine Ayon Triton amp, from Clearsound Audio. Incredible synergistic systems. We can tie it together with AZ cabling too if you like!
Design: 3 way transmission line
Freq. Response: 20 Hz to 30 kHz ( +/- 3 dB) !!
Crossover: 3rd order (Linkwitz/Riley)
Tweeter: 2” horn loaded Custom RIBBON
Custom Midrange: 5” w/underhung voice coil (two)
Woofer: Custom 8” w/underhung voice coil (two)
Impedance: 6 Ohms nominalAvg.
Efficiency: 90 dB SPL @ 1 meter !! Run great on just about any amp... flexible, friendly, amp friendly, wife friendly...
Power Handling: 20 - 200 watts RMS per channel
Size: 1270 mm x 279.4 mm x 431.8 mm
Weight: 125 lbs. (62.5 kg) each
Acoustic Zen Crescendo Full Range Speakers- Feel and live,the Music!
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